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  1. its our local paper trying to stir up hype and outrage, mountain from molehills media, at the expense of the doggymen.
  2. Definately does not know the Hunting act very well, biased twat. I would call her a c*nt but then itd be calling her useful
  3. https://www.portadowntimes.co.uk/news/pair-said-to-be-releasing-dogs-to-tear-rabbits-apart-judge-1-8375746
  4. manuka honey out of pets at home. good gear
  5. elliotmcc


    Ask no questions and i will tell no lies
  6. elliotmcc


    It never stopped me but in all seriousness il give it a go hopefully put him in his box a bit. Its a real bugger out in the field especially lamping, trying to walk in on squatters and hes more interested in mounting the mates bitch. Coming to think of it, had a few mates who "lost interest" in the dogs when they get the leg over some bitch
  7. elliotmcc


    Have a 2 year old lurcher dog, and no matter what bitch, breed, size and it dosen't matter if they are in season or not hes mounting them and giving his all. Would letting him breed a bitch in heat settle him down a bit?
  8. elliotmcc

    wolf anyone?

  9. elliotmcc

    minging weather...

    we got a few very laidback trees
  10. elliotmcc

    One for the N.I men

    https://www.(!64.56:886/Hunt-Saboteurs-NI-736001806448497/ im sure some feedback on their page would be appreciated
  11. elliotmcc

    One for the N.I men

    I am sure they are really proud of themselves, saving an artificial scent from those "bloodthirsty dogs trained only to kill". The best one I seen on one of the facebook pages was about a whippet that had been found stray, with blood around its mouth which according to the snowflake was "the blood from a rabbit being rubbed on the dogs face to make it bloodthirsty and vicious". Nothing but a bunch of nut jobs who think more of their pet cats and fannylicker chiuauas than they do of their own kids. Cracks me up, bunch of lefty hippy twats
  12. elliotmcc

    One for the N.I men

    Don't know what is happening in this country but the snowflake brigade are too much lol i wonder do they think that foxes and rabbits should be able to choose what gender they are aswell? they all need a good boot up the hole to waken them up. cracks me up the shit that has to be politically correct nowadays, bring in conscription send them off to a warzone and they can see what isis think of their equality and rights.
  13. elliotmcc

    One for the N.I men

    Yea hopefully they do, make a mockery of that shower of unwashed as*holes. Pity all the media outlets promoting their protest, basically advertising and calling out for back up.
  14. elliotmcc

    One for the N.I men

    Green party holding a protest on New years day, what a bunch of ****wits. Would love to see their faces if 100s of the hunting fraternity showed up to silence there little show, angers me big time. http://www.belfastlive.co.uk/news/belfast-news/green-party-calling-anti-fox-14088077