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  1. I currently have a small multifuel stove, it is inset to the existing chimney with no liner. It does warm the room but no where near as much as other peoples houses ive been in with a stove. Has anyone fitted a Boiler stove with all associated plumbing etc? And if so can the original hot water tank be used for the central heating and water and at what cost? I have pipes running up through a hatch about 10ft away from my fireplace if it was possible to tap into them rather than running pipes to the upstairs tank
  2. Looking a ferret finder collar Mk1 or Mk3 15ft preferably mk1, need it at the end of january (payday )
  3. Not exactly putting a big hole in the population, but they are few and far between local to me lol Need more trips further afield
  4. No lad, your thinking of the one that has 3 legs and won't kill rabbits because they have teeth
  5. Bolted one up to her, she missed another that got in behind an old baler, not bad for an hours outing.
  6. Had two wild polecat crosses one time, a hob and a jill, jumping out of the hutch trying to attack you, nabbing anything that moved, the hob got his ending when he nabbed my dogs nose whilst marking a hole, the jill I PTS, was an absolute nightmare and I would never get them again, waste of time and nearly ruined my dog being broke to ferrets. But without mistakes you learn nothing whatsoever.
  7. Yea she is, most of the litter had a smoothish coat same as her except one went a bit more rough coated. Really civil bitch, walks to heel, broke to stock and ferrets and plenty of fire in her. The guy who parted with her was hesitant and just dosen't have the time to get her out anymore but she will get her fair share of it, starting friday il bolt a few to her and see how she gets on just hope she dosent show up my other lad, the sundance kid
  8. My new bitch for the ferrets Saluki x whippet, hopefully help me lift a few rabbits
  9. Riflemen with IR scopes and better suppressors, summer hunting, myximatosis, RHVD, cats, foxes, intensive farming with pesticides, pollutants and taking out hedgerows (along with the warrens), taking out cover and boys who just don't know their limits to leave a population. Really in short terms rabbits are f****d
  10. Young kits wanted in NI, I am in craigavon
  11. I need somebody to repair a mk1 knockerbox, ive tried the knockerbox shop on facebook but i have had no reply.
  12. Need a mk1 knockerbox repaired, any recommendations? Tried the knockerbox shop on facebook but i think they are a bit snowed under at the minute
  13. its our local paper trying to stir up hype and outrage, mountain from molehills media, at the expense of the doggymen.
  14. Definately does not know the Hunting act very well, biased twat. I would call her a c*nt but then itd be calling her useful
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