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  1. Jim Chick

    Thieves *****

    Ferrets are so frequently stolen around here that mine have separate night quarters inside locked outbuildings. I have had to do this for the last two years and although I have had nocturnal visitors theyhave never been successful. Jim
  2. Jim Chick

    Soldering On/off Switch On Mark 1 Ferret Finder

    Hi Maurice Glad you managed to repair/replace the switch on your knocker box, you mentioned that you had other units which were badly in need of TLC. They can almost certainly be repaired and put back into service at a reasonable cost, give me a call if I can help. Best regards Jim
  3. Jim Chick

    Knocker Box And Collars Wanted

    Hi Jok I have tried buying non working units on ebay but the prices are silly, by the time I have repaired and calibrated them it makes the resell price far to high. I have finally got around to designing and prototyping a transmitter using a brass battery housing rather than the cheap Lea-Belling plugs so I will now get the moulding and potting sorted before producing them for sale. Best regards Jim
  4. Jim Chick

    Knocker Box And Collars Wanted

    Hi John No I used that one for spares as it was not only the wheel missing but the ICs needed replacing and also the ferrite core. The price being asked for replacement wheels is far too high and I have now found a chap that can make them for me. Best regards Jim
  5. Jim Chick

    Knocker Box And Collars Wanted

    Yes always interested in unit that I can service, recondition or repair. Give me a ring or drop me an email. Bestregards Jim tel 01980 610594 email jimchick44@yahoo.co.uk
  6. Jim Chick

    Knocker Box And Collars Wanted

    Hi Jok Yes you did say it would get busy and you were certainly correct, my postman was moaning last weekabout the number of packages !!! I am interested in buying in old knocker boxes provided the asking price is reasonable. Best regards Jim
  7. Jim Chick

    Knocker Box And Collars Wanted

    I repair knocker boxes and sometimes have reconditioned units available at £60 plus p&p. Jim Chick Tel 01980 610594 Mobile o7733291014
  8. Jim Chick

    Calibrating Mk1 Ferret Finder

    I have had numerous enquiries about repairing and recalibrating the old Deben knocker boxes. We provide this service which at the moment we can complete in 24 hours but the number of units arriving is ever-increasing we get closer to the ferreting season and repairs may take longer. The cost is normally £20 plus return postage. Jim Chick , Moonrakers, Allington, Salisbury. SP4 0BX Tel 01980 610594 Mob. 07733291014
  9. Jim Chick

    Calibrating Mk1 Ferret Finder

    We can repair and service the old Debden MK1 type receiver boxes the average repair price is £20 plus postage. Jim Chick , Falcon Telemetrics Tel 01980 610594