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My Jock wife recons defrost it , & micro wave the little fella ...Apparently you need to split it if you do it in the mw ...hope this helps...We take no responsibility if it goes tits up .....

Lol, cheers mate I'll do that for lunch tomorrow.

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Haggis is yum, the only way I can eat offal without boaking

Don't you like black pudding.

I meant faggots,don't know where my heads at the moment,lol

lol faggots no, black pudding is nice too, but stick a slab of liver or kidney or eyeball onto my plate and it ain't getting touched.
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When I used to buy the occasional lamb carcass from a smallholding for processing, I would always request the pluck (heart, lungs, liver) and make my own haggis. Wife wouldn't touch it, but quite happy eating lambs liver and loves chicken livers.. funny things women, defy logic sometimes. So I used to make single good sized portions using plastic casings, and always have some in the freezer.








Also used to make black puddings, but with dried pigs blood.




And my own faggotts, no old crap in them like commercial ones.




Even used to make offal pies.




Used to make brawn, cured and smoked pigs cheeks, come to think of it there wasn't very much of the carcass that didn't pass through my digestive system. :laugh:


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I've tried faggots that my mum rated highly down in Dorset and they were like paste in texture,I bought some from in the forest down ,and my dad loved them proper butchers made ,tasty and coarse textured ,I used to leave Dorset on a Friday and drive to the butchers for faggots and extra tasty cheddar,and bring them back Sunday evening, lol

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