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  1. tc I don't think he was a forensic scientist dissecting her to study anatomy of the human face. Who ever kept buzzing him with the tazer needs a medal.
  2. Ggib


    North lite and gaz1989
  3. Some sick lost causes in this world, watching too many silence of the lambs movies, and you lot thought I was bad for saying about chucking fire crackers at the homeless?
  4. Ggib


    Don't you like black pudding.I meant faggots,don't know where my heads at the moment,lol lol faggots no, black pudding is nice too, but stick a slab of liver or kidney or eyeball onto my plate and it ain't getting touched.
  5. He should have just made a massive vagina like cake and said this is the way, so they could all get a taste for Chris akabusi
  6. He should just get a tazer and zap them lol
  7. Del you could be right there, it's a sad state of affairs when the very book that judge swore an oath on does not agree with it and they go against the bible, that means their oath is void
  8. hey boy, do I sense hatrid? Lol yep lol, it's def true though
  9. Do yous ever find the bed dies coats clog up da feck with muck out digging? I had a lakey with the beddy type coat and it was a nightmare sorting after a dig
  10. Ggib


    Haggis is yum, the only way I can eat offal without boaking
  11. It's a joke fraz, they forget that equality works both ways yes they've the right to be gay and do what they want in their own houses, but also people have the right to not like or support it, without being dragged through the coals
  12. You see fellas, the gay movement gurn about equality , but it only applies to them, they don't care who they upset to get the point of theirs across, they knew it was run by Christian people that's what they used it, they are trying to force being homo int the Christians faces it's an absolute disgrace. In nt anti gay but I'm a firm believer in god and that they gays need to show respect to the church, why not just go to another 1 of the hundreds off other bakeries in belfast and get them to do it? Because they don't get to look the big shots on camera. The world has gone mad
  13. Moxy am I allowed to reply lol
  14. I wholeheartedly agree, but how should it be done? Should we exterminate them like vermin or just hunt them for sport? And then how do we go about culling the animals? no keen hunter wants an all out extinction, but they do need controlled, and in the wild the wolf would keep them in check, but since we only have domesticated wolves they do the job to a t. That's what the antis don't understand, they'll try n ban god now since he made wolves fox and badger killers lol
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