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Bull X Whippet ...

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bull whip grey

A good little dog that punches well above his weight. He's a first cross. 

barrel chested windless lump, but a damn handy dog to have in the field

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No problem Matt like I said when she is old enough we will have to get out and do abit like we was saying bud just get the basics sorted recall and don't over do it with the retrieving at that young age just couple of time then leave her till day after nice to meet you an put a face to name keep us up to date with the progress of her an see you again soon.


Thanks lee

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Bloody great dogs I reckon .mine will take anything, heart of a lion he has.served me very well was hoping to find a bull whip bitch for him to get me a pup . I reckon he’s up to nearly the ton on vermin’s 11 years old tho.

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Just now, W. Katchum said:

Cracker that, iv just been up for a flying visit, wee granny back in hospital, keep saying it but really need to pop in next time an see that pup, no arsed about you ?haha but that pups a cracker ??

u might end up wae a sister away wae you hope yer aul grannys ok mate...tweet tweet

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