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Bull X Whippet ...

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bull whip grey

A good little dog that punches well above his weight. He's a first cross. 

barrel chested windless lump, but a damn handy dog to have in the field

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Iv just recently posted about having a friend with a bedlington x bull/whippet and iv seen a few Bull x whippets. If you do a lot of mooching about day time, go ferreting or want a dog for ratting aswell these would be one of my first choices. But if you are planning on lamping mainly with one be sure to look for one with a longer back and not too heavy because the shorter dumpier ones can lack the speed. By the way to anyone with one that isnt a dig at them because i think my mates dog is perfect for ferreting mooching and ratting. I run a bull x whippet/grey with a dash of collie and wheaton. The extra height and length in my eyes on the land i run is essential. Id be more tempted for a bull x whippet x greyhound for all round work.

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allways liked the look of yours toby..


mine with some grey in to..to add alitlle size,witch dident work by theway lol..


only small but this pups as mad as,,wont be long befor she hearts her self.am only after rabbit and bits and bobs,,great fun out mooching.only one speed thouch and thats flat out,maybe that will change as she gets older,,makes me happy so far enyway..




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This may have been asked before , if so then i apologise ...

Does anyone run bullxwhippets ? im after a rabbiting dog very soon , just wanted to know some pros and cons on this type or mix ?



. If I was looking a rabbiting dog I'd get a straight working bred whippet or whippet hound putting terrier or bull in them only slows them down and them rabbits ain't slow! Jmo ,all the best!
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