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I picked a few horses and didn't go E/W on any of them so I'm effectively betting against myself? So it would make sense to go e/w if you've picked a few? Especially if there are paying for 5 places...... :hmm:


But it is the national.


F**k it I'm going for the win!


Thats the spirit :thumbs: .......it go,s against the spirit of the race to have a " must earn " attitude if your not betting on the gee gee,s regularly.


Tell that to the bookies.. that "must earn".. im happy taking their money :D... easy lol

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No.   My dad wrote a book about racing (him and my gramps were/are well into the horses) so I've been to every race course in the British Isles and horse racing has always been a feature in my life

. Far from it bud i like interesting debate , the national is a test of stamina and gile , witch the have made even more dangourous by lowering the fences thus increasing the speeds of the horses

Never understood why people who have a punt on the national have each way bets.................just go for it commit to having a punt if your not an everyday gambler.

I had two £20 bets on the National, both lost, but have a £200 banker on Man U to beat Newcastle at evens..... Man U are 3 nil up with about five minutes to go, so not a bad day, overall !!

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