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A Great Night On A New Permission (First Video)

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Well done buddy nice little video too

Get some more vid,s on like that and we will be calling you zini or si before long :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: atvbmac :thumbs: :thumbs: :thumbs:

Top stuff as always stuart ....well done



Thanks fellow hunters :)


I'll defo have more videos :)


Plenty rabbits to be had ;)

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Afternoon   Last night was a cold and windy one however I had arranged to meet a chap who wanted the rabbits on his caravan park and surrounding areas taken care off.   Drove over thinking it wou

well done mate

Nice shooting well done..

Nice work bud the breed them big over your way too .

yeah good size rabbits :) plenty grub for them!!!


Nice footage and shooting mate :thumbs:

thanks risingfriend :)


Nice bit of shooting and good vid :thumbs:

thanks gaz


Stuart you're a lucky lad with all those perms! And each one full of rabbits! Green with envy! Great vid and great shootingate, well done.

yeah very luckybut its been a hard slog to gget my permissions but we all know that eh. thanks thats my first video and ill get more footage up soon :):hunter::gunsmilie:

Good shooting as all ways mate and nice vid

thanks very much villaman :cheers:

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