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  1. Have a look at bisley shooting ground mate i think tgey do a variety of vintage based disciplines
  2. I would clean the barrel firstly on the logan mate..give it about 30shots to lead t up again and then check zero with the working scope. Maybe the wrong pellets for the rifle unless you have tested a few differing types. And dont rule out parralax error. Work on getting a perfect sight pic and consistent head posistion.
  3. I missed the original thread for nellys post and Moxy heres a like for you
  4. Kin el whats the world coming to...have not frequented the forum much in the last few years..having a look through some threads and ds pink glove wearers everywhere
  5. Seeing you have popped in young ruthless thought I would also get at em mate
  6. Had the same problem a couple of month's back.. Being fresh back into the airgun scene and getting my first pcp (after shooting springers year's previously ) I thought they were totally recoiless.. Messing about with various homemade bench rests to get better stability i found if the barrel or silencer touched anything solid my groups went horrible to say the least!! Probably common knowledge to you lads but like i say i'm new back to the airgun scene and thought pcp's were totally recoiless. Goodluck muttley94.. hope you get it sorted Atb Thanks guys, This could well
  7. Who are you , some new boy How are you doing mate ? Not to bad buddy and daystate less few new bits of kit for my hft but kept the 97 been playing with the meccano hows tricks yourself
  8. quite a few on used on the hft circuit mate and to good effect and for an £ scope they seem spot on
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