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coursing dogs would like everyone to show me yours !!!!

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Back to the mid 70's to the lurcher with hairy blood. That may mean back to the late 60's to the beddy or Deerhound that infused that coat pattern. In Boxers an outcross was made only in the 90's to

So he's a Saluki/Greyhound Hybrid; not a pure Saluki x Saluki/Greyhound ? Looks very nice, good luck with him. Cheers.

I hear you Whin but the saluki was coursing all manner of game several thousand years before the concept of hairy lurchers was ever dreamt of. Coat colour and texture is mainly a construct of western

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post-56048-0-95929200-1312566862.jpgpost-56048-0-01498100-1312566931.jpgthese are my two girls they are saluki x flat coat retrievers not the norm mix and def not the prefered mix but they do still have speed and stamina ok they will never be first on the list for many a man but they do for me. these two are taking quite a few rabbits walking about the farm before work and this season will be there first working along side the ferrets as they are only 11 months they may lack in a bit of take off speed but they should do ok.like i said they are not the best cross but they do as they are told most of the time and i would not swap them for nowt .
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busher would u beable to get me a copy of that dvd with sooner and salty got a lend of it and cant find it and want to replace it cheers if u can or if any one has a copy ill be happy to buy it cheers

its in your house stop messing about lol big e said you can buy his off him lol

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