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  1. looking for a pup in a the north west area any body know of any good litters thats i can get hold of thank you
  2. im looking on getting me self a saluki x i was just hopeing you could all show me some nice dogs. thank you
  3. alryt mate iv got a colli/bull/grey x whippet/grey
  4. iv only ever sore one dog in my life of this breed.. never sore it work but i did find it agresive to other dogs but the looks this one had like a very long head but a bit fat not as fat as the bull grey and it was a very big dog a think it was standing at 29-30tt. thanks new lurcher
  5. alryt mate yano what i was thinkin the same the other day there from the isle of spain rnt thay ???
  6. fukin ell boys the lads obv not thort on i dowt he will say it agen but hes most probly fukin made up hes dogs got his first kill like any body would be fukin lay of will ya no need to talk to some one like thats over hunting and being made up over his dog gettin a kill.. thanks new lurcher
  7. good point thanks the p.p really mate you wouldnt berlive how stressing it is thanks new lurcher
  8. alryt every one i have a slite problem on my hands iv got a 18 months old pup an hes great hunts day/night iv had rabbit/hare with him but for some reason or another he keeps runing away into cover and the first time he was out with my dad a few months ago and he had to ring me to go down to the feild to get the dog bk an soon as i got there he came strait to me an then a few weeks after that he done it with my mum when she was walkin him but she eventually got him back now i took him out 2 weeks ago from now i got up at half 5 in the mornin ro see if we could get anythink and when we went to
  9. nice bird like inti .. only a small gos thow isnt he if hes flyin at 1.7 my harris is flyin higher than tha
  10. Only easy if you know how. Plenty of fuc*ed up ones on birdtrader and ibr! ano but hes not askin about them bein fuked up hes askin whats the best bird for a starter
  11. yer my oppinon is to get a harris i think there easy birds to train well would get a harris over any other bird thanks new l
  12. what you are the dog man half dog half man is that .... all you need is a strait jacket you f**k up
  13. yer iv just been looking on that huntsman leather a think ill be getting one of them slip leads they have on there look gd
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