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Bedlington Greyhound versus Collie Greyhound

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Both bedlington collie base blooded the pied bitch is bedlington x collie x an the pup is bedlington x colliex/bedlington x colliex

The first image is my mates First cross Bedlington Greyhound bred by Neil Beacon the most robust and best coated first cross I have ever seen. It is an excellent dog. The second is my curren

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ive got a collie/grey/beddie/whippet and he ecxels atmost work ......


so have i mate. nearly 18 month. she is 21 n half inch and coming on very well. got any pics of yours.

nice dog mate. i dont know how to put pics on have you started lamping with her yet mate ? where about you from ?

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Guest fence_hopper

what do you need a dog with loads of brains beddy greyhounds are clever but not to much they pic there own runs. they give a 110% on everything thing and the end of the day much better to look at than a collie. some pre ban pics there the only ones i have on here so fok it you can all see them again





8 1/2 in this pic 22 buns in not much than half an hour over sand dunes real hard running and next night lred devil 1 long ear and 2 buns


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