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  1. i had a bitch out of blue years a go ,blue was 3/8bull 5/8grey. he was a big dog think it was 28inch and probabley weighed over 100pound
  2. seems a few people on here keep unsteady bullxs a good bull x should never be dog aggresive or even worse a man biter,both should be pts.
  3. these type of topics always turn up when the schools are off some might say they are ruining good bull blood by putting silly saluki blood into them
  4. 22ah lithium on a belt , best £200 i ever spent
  5. drove past them myself on wednesday
  6. have heard that black dog of x38 throws a good pup,is he a genuine 3/8 5/8
  7. i,m with you on this 1 ,CL ,just wondering ,lurcher x lurcher thats the way forward there all lurchers but some people just know how there dogs are bred right back to the pure breds yoused to create a line
  8. nice long back on the pup did you not do the lineing with the sire you mentioned on here to the greyhound?
  9. There it is in a nutshell, its plain half the posters rarely leave their computer desk and work on theories written in Plummer books. Folk like Bosun, stabba and lucky have more past experience than most and some of the crap spouted makes me chuckle........... you talking an chuckling about youself simoman
  10. lightly built bitch for me with decent wind ,sound temprement,good feet and can do it in the field. As for track or coursing greyhound it wouldnt matter as long as it had the qualities i wanted.
  11. excellent news rfyl know exactley what you meen about the waiting its a feckin nightmare. my dad was diagnosed with it last year but all clear now thank god
  12. Dvd looks a excellent,man and dog at the top of there game
  13. have to agree with ftb,before the ban a dog that was used for regular fox control (not just the odd 1 here and there)that had a high catch rate requires a dog with running skills and a lot more. dont under estimate old reynard
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