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Found 21 results

  1. Morning everyone, The Friday,Saturday and Sunday just gone I was fortunate to be under the tuition of Phil(Pegandgun) from this site. Those of you that know anything about snaring and trapping know that you would be hard pushed to find anyone with more experience than this man. On the Friday I arrived at p@g place, excited but as you would expect a little nervous but was soon relaxed and having a cuppa, p@g was asking what knowledge etc I had of snaring etc and after checking my snares etc that I had in the boot it was time for the off. The areas that I was taken too were simply breath taking. The amount of rabbits that I witnessed were second too none. P@g went through the steps of identifying runs,beats, which were best to set the peg snares on, placement of tealers and lots of tips etc that you will never read about but only shown by people that know. We never went crazy with the amount of peg snares that were set, quality more than quantity. Never more than sixty were set but were identifying alot of beats that could be set if needed. I know feel a lot more confident as to which beat to set the snare, height etc. We then moved on to do some fence snaring, too which I had been doing rather wrong!! P&g showed me a way of attaching wires to fences that takes about 2 secs and the same to remove which again is easy when you know how!! My total rabbits for the two days of set snares was in the mid 30"s, those that do alot of snaring will not be too impressed with that number but I set these snares all my self(under Phils guidance) and the weather was terribly wet. I was over the moon as these were my first peg snared rabbits!! If any one is interested in going to see Phil for some tuition etc he has given his permission for me to pass his number on via pm. I had a brilliant couple of days with p@g and learnt more than I thought possible. I now feel very confident that I can know go out and snare rabbits competently. Phil is a top bloke, with an amazing enthusiasm to teach you. I will certainly be going back to see him as I now consider him a mate. Sorry for going on!! Happy snaring Tony
  2. hi i just orderd some rabbit snares from trapworks from what ive read they are the best? im just curious on how the tealers work i no they are for controling the heigh of the snare but what else? and how deep do i put them in the ground? are they just suposed to pull out when the rabbit is caught any tips will be greatly apreciated
  3. I was on a farm yesterday and the farmer was complaining about rabbits, he's lost quite a bit of grass he uses for feed, anyway set about them with some snares and traps.. Taken from one set of scrub area were the warrens were... Set them yesterday and I've had about 70 odd when I checked them yesterday and again today... Also set a couple of fox wires as another Farmer has just let his new batch of hens out...accounted for a dog fox, second day... Heres some of them to liven the section up a bit...
  4. I went to look at a rabbit job today in some horse paddocks,there were plenty of runs through the wire fence and once the horses are removed from the paddocks i would normally be happy to fence snare,however this fence is stud netting with only 3" square holes rather than the normal sheep netting,has anyone had any experience in fence snaring this stuff?,im amazed the rabbits get through it and i am wondering if it is possible to snare or not as there is not a lot of room to leave space for the feet to pass below the loop.I would love to watch them come through in slow motion to see if they come feet first or head first tucking their legs backwards underneath them.
  5. Hello to everyone,am new to the forum but very impressed. I have about 2 acres full of rabbits i have been shooting them but need to get the numbers down.Have had a good read here on the forum. In theory it all seems ok but outside i'm going wrong somewhere.I am new to the trapping and snaring but am having a go. I have got 5 cage traps and 10 snares for now. 1st: the cage traps were degreased and have been out for about 2 months.I have tried all the usual carrots greens and pnt butter,tried them all over the field in the ditches hedgelines etc.I have put shot rabbits urine on them,even painted one green.The rabbits are eating the bait outside the trap but will not go in. 2nd Had the snares out for 4 nights and 4days now and nothing, in the feild in the hedges etc.The field has been mowed right down so a lot of brown from the sun and i am struggling to see beats etc.I have attached some pics so maybe someone can help.Thank's in advance for any help!!!!!
  6. REDEYE JEDI(DOM) came up saturday to learn the art of snaring,the weather wasnt ideal cold and still,but the day was just to show him the differant types of snares and how to set them,we set pegged,hoop and fence snares,i shown DOM how and where to set the first snare then told him to set the rest which he did quite well.So back up at first light to check them was not expecting many as the weather was crap for snaring but we managed 4 rabbits. Took a couple of pics of DOMS first fence snared rabbit,them me battery died on me phone so could take any more pics,which was a shame as it was DOMS first catches with the wires. DOMS first fence snared rabbit. DOM taking rabbit out of snare,he had a big grin on his face
  7. hi just been out shooting then went into my local and we got talking to an old poacher who told us about an old trick to get rabbits! you get a few bricks and set them out side the holes then put a LOT of pepper on them so when the rabbits come in or out they have to sniff the brick first then sneeze and kill themselves or get knocked out by hitting ther heads, has anyone tried it ?
  8. there was a link up here ages ago for a company that sold good snares, anyone know the name please?
  9. Hi guys. I'm after snarig a few rabbits in the field at the back of my house to feed my ferrets. It's a farmers field and I could easily get permission. I've not see Any rabbits on there apart from one hare. It's a corn field just now. There's bound to be rabbits at one part of the field right? Also what do I look for as there's no obvious runs. I've not been over the top part of the field yet though. What am I looking for? Thanks
  10. hi i was just wondering what is the law with rabbit snares because i just wanted to start snareing rabbits the local farmer says to me no bother he would be glad to get the rabbits. i lamp the rabbits and farret them but just fancied to try snaring them daryl
  11. Evening guys, Can any one tell me if there's anywhere I could order some to be delivered? I've tried everywhere I can think of near me.I can only get hold of the high tensile wire. Many thanks
  12. who on here can supply me with good quality rabbit snares with pegs please,im sick of the cheap ones many thanks
  13. set a few nares , foxs had the lot this was a hare ,the badgers done this one,even had my wire away theres five rabbits here,all chewed up,
  14. out with the dogs this morning working horse field when i noticed my plummer bitch coughing. she had a shi8 made snare around her neck from some arse setting them in horse field! I would rather someone ask! then do them and leave them lying about some people are actually clue less any way on a good note my tan bitch kay saluki-grey who had 9 pups 8 weeks ago is looking good after that amount of puppies hanging off her! brought her condition real low, looked like shi8 , but had her off last 3 boys - 10 days now and she is looking loads better. starting to tone up abit with bit more meat in her diet picture at the bottom is my patterdale bitch coming across field after 2 days f88cking down fox hole the little shi8 good girl thou
  15. Looking to buy 100 snares with tealers if possible. Although a lesser ammount would still be acceptable
  16. set a few friday, heres some snaps the ferret was a b*****d to get out and it came close to a tap on the nut but i got her in the end .When i got home it had made me and the motor stink rotten ,i put her in a cage with a big hob and she has filled him in ,sometime today she will be taken over to Norfolk to a keeper mate whos asked me for a good sized jill to put his hob over
  17. This is my first post for what seems like an age, ive been busy setting up my new workshop so not really had much chance to get out. Now that its up and running i can focus on clearing the last remaining rabbits for a friend of mine. The land has been ear marked for pony grazing so i wont be able to shoot it for much longer so id better get some practise setting snares. I set off at 1400hrs with 10 hoop snares and 20 peg and worked my way round the land picking runs and setting as ive been taught (by Mr Teapot). The bottom boundry is a steel palisade fence backing onto a railway line, the sets are all on the other side with runs coming through a few feet then run parralel the lenght of the field. i placed a few wires on the main run hand railing the fence, some tight to where they come through, using sticks to block the pales either side of my snare. The left boundry is a small stream with some mixed cover of brambles and long grass. Theres not many rabbits along this side as this is the place i sit and ambush them with my S200, so i walked the full length counting the number of good runs then went back and set on the best ones (knew i should of made more snares.) I saved the hoop snares for the runs further into the field, it seemed everywhere i put the hoop in i hit a bloody stone but i got there in the end. It took me just over and hour and half to set all my wires. Now This land was used to house chickens in pens and gets a regular visit of foxes so i knew if i caught any rabbits some might be lost. I went back to my workshop to make a few longnet baskets people have ordered and on the way home before the light faded, decided to check on my wires. I had my little skeleton stocked S200 with me and before i got to my first snare i spotted a young half grown rabbit having some snap at around yards. i got on my belt buckle and slowly crawled towards it untill i got to a good distance for a shot, the wind was coming from right to left so aimed off 1 mill dot squeezed the trigger and sent a H&N FTT to the head CRACK! droppped like a stone with just a little leg twitch, 1 in the bag I got to the bottom palisade fence, nothing on the main run but one in a wire i set close to the fence, necked the rabbit, retensioned and set back again. Nothing more along the bottom boundry, made my way to the side by the stream and got one more from there. i made my way over to the hoops set in the middle of the field, found a marker and some fur but no hoop snare bloody fox been round already. So 3 rabbits in the bag and 1 for charlie. i'll be up at first light to check the nights work. cant find the lead for my camera so had to use my phone when i got home sorry about the quality. ATB REDEYE
  18. as above folks could anyone tell me where to buy snare making equipment, wire in various size drums,eyeletsetc thanks
  19. set 25 on friday. a fox had the first three,but i got this one. buzzard done this one one in the rape. well caught crow just touched him. tp://i876.photobucket.com/albums/ab325/mickypip/mickspics252.jpg[/img] good rabbit ,i thought i would have had a couple more off of this end ilike these ditches ,i allways seem to do well in them? maggies had just found this one. 25 snares eleven good rabbits ,the foxs had three ,crows two buzzard had one ,so we all had a feed , G, W
  20. basicy i have tried snaring and have failed badly im just wondering if anyone in the carmarthen/swansea area could show me the ropes? so if anyone fancys a day out let me know thanks
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