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  1. pitmanuk

    Guild of British Mole Catchers

    your a diamond mate, thanks
  2. pitmanuk

    Guild of British Mole Catchers

    pm sent. i had m lv.1 and sticker in the post last week. just really been struggling with lv.2 anyone else doing it and finding it hard?
  3. pitmanuk

    Guild of British Mole Catchers

    take a look at their website http://www.guildofbritishmolecatchers.co.uk/index.html
  4. pitmanuk

    Guild of British Mole Catchers

    The male moles grow to a sizegenerally larger then that of the female, apart from this difference in size itis very difficult to sex moles. The obvious difference is in the reproductiveorgans but again this is not easy as the male penis is often not visible. Thedifference can be obtained by measuring the distance between the penis and theanus in males and the distance between the clitoris and anus in females. Whatare these distances and what difference may be observed in a female in breedingcondition?
  5. im trying to do my level 2 assessment. has anyone else done it? the questions are so hard. i could use the help from someone who has completed it.
  6. im looking for any documents policy/legislation regarding pigeons and their control removal proofing from food establishments more importantly cafes. im trying to gather as much as possible, thanks
  7. pitmanuk

    Nothing left

    Errrrrrmmmmmmmm weeeeeeelllllllllll i don't know what too say about that one do ferrets in the wild nip too the pet shop when there out of food and sure I have never seen a bold one but I could be wrong
  8. pitmanuk

    Nothing left

    Your nuts. I give mine heroin. mine are on crack, but thats south wales ferrets for you, hard as a coffin nail
  9. pitmanuk

    Nothing left

    can u give cooked chicken bones. i know you cant with dogs because they become to brittle. does the same apply with ferrets?
  10. pitmanuk

    ferret racing

    honestly they just magically appear on my land. ive heard the building site in the village lose theres all the time
  11. pitmanuk

    That Heritage knows his stuff

    haha noted for future ref
  12. pitmanuk

    ferret racing

    just wondering if anyone does any ferret racing in carmarthenshire? if not does anyone fancy a race during the summer? i guess im just looking to see if people are interested because if there is ill happily organised an event on my farm. nothing big, just a little racing event for locals to test there ferrets against others for a laugh could even stake a couple of pence on it let me know what you think?? atb
  13. pitmanuk


    unlucky mate, but at least you got out with the kids atb
  14. pitmanuk

    poor hedgehog

    thanks, it's not like i feel bad enough haha
  15. set a live rat trap last night on the bank of our stream, baited with half a snickers bar. went back this morning and a big old hedgehog had walked in and ate the chocolate bar and curled up into a ball at the back end. i had to wedge the trap open and let him climb out on his own. im glad to say this poor little bugger has walked away safely and will hopefully stay away from traps in the future.