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  1. ALL SOLD AND AT LEAST TWO PEOPLE OFF HERE, thanks all as i have found out that at least % of you all have the best dogs a wheaton that swims cooks & cleans, & you all pretty much talk shit out of your council houses you stupid f88ks
  2. Probably caz your a penniless smack head you c88k
  3. Yes mate a bitch she had 8 sold all 7 as of today
  4. Anyone else got any thing so pointless to say apart from you all are a bunch of tits??? and are jealous of the real peoples working dogs that are on here??
  5. Ive never heard that...... It's mentioned earlier in the thread Ya i see that but apart from hearing it on hear ive never ever heard that any where else, i wonder if the people who said that breed they bay colour dog with a bay colour bitch???? If you are refering to Vixens litter, The dog i used was brindle you prick. Blue to blue and black to black matings arn't advised but you would have known that bredding the best pups in the country wouldn't you?? Just let me go to the bank lol. so what would be wrong breeding blue to blue and black to black seen many litters this way and nothing wrong way pups just asking The the % of blood in interbreeding they yes but just colour what a load of shit!
  6. ya of course & why not?? & there are proof is there black & white.
  7. Ive never heard that...... It's mentioned earlier in the thread Ya i see that but apart from hearing it on hear ive never ever heard that any where else, i wonder if the people who said that breed they bay colour dog with a bay colour bitch????
  8. & one day i want to grow up & be an astronaut!!! grow up you twat you sound like a right c88k!! Some people are so jealous of other people dog’s ha-ha you make it so obvious what a kno8 "My kennels ohhh my kennels there hard core" you tit!!
  9. Quick found cash??? mate i defo dont need the money, its never about the money and never will be £600 its a fair price. & i will never have to jusifiy anything to you because your who?? why you even moaning about it unless you have nothing better to do?? such an angry man aint ya!!
  10. Thank you for all your positive comments again as I said £600 for the last bitch & I had second thoughts on selling her as she turned out a right cracker better then some of the shit with queen Anne legs that ive scene on here. Ps the money does come in handy but that's not the reason i breed her & thats my problem not yours any money i make on pups always goes back on either dog training, kennels, food, vet bills or a shooting syndicate for the springers , or a nice well bred Saluki pup its hilarious to see so many people get upset when someone sells a genuine quality litter lol i am picturing a lot of you slamming the key pad in anger over a litter, you bunch of tits grow up! How come this site seems to of got worst then when i first joined!! This site is used to slag every bodies dogs off??? is it because you actually think you have them yourselves?? if people believe they have the best then show us some proof?? but taking pictures of your dog working what's the problem with that?? at least they showing them working & not claiming they are, you gel?? 5 minutes from mike brown is he your mate?? Rrrrr mike friend.... It seems quite sad that a few of you have nothing better to do then actually sit in and slate people on this site. absolute boredom.
  11. Ruby tex at the end of the day i live 40 miles from london essex & 40 mins drive from surrey 3 of the richest county's in the whole of the country!! yet am a crack head a joke a tosser etc etc for selling pups that come from good working lines a good family home that have been well looked after and i actually care about the whippet i breed & who also that doesnt just breed for money its the going rate for a whippet in this area check it out on net. Your see am defo none of the above just pisses you off when if you look about the rates are the same. regardless of the jokes on here 20 years!! ive been doing it 18 myself, i have 300 cattle, 33 chicken , 3 geese 2 turkeys 3 cats,28 ducks &19 dogs for working purposes i own 1000 acres so i know a working dog truss me i have several hard fuckers from wales.
  12. Hi All, Thank you for your positive comments, ( Including the difs that can’t spell bless) if the price is too much they why are you even moaning go elsewhere, surely that’s fair enough?? only one BLUE bitch left :toast: Absolute top class whippets there is nothing better in country at the mo it’s so simply !! Your either gel or a bunch of bums working 1 day here or there or on the doll & am the crack head for offering top class whippets emmm crack heads, seven sold after 1 week with 6 deposits in bank?? ya i am the joke just goes to show that if you get top blood lines, the right colour & the best stud dog you can get top ££ its all about peoples preference you thick haha Anyone want the last bitch £599 :D ?? As i said i put this on here for someone to own a top class whippet pup but there is always someone with something to say!! shame really. Having said that one of you have just brought a whippet bitch from hear (defo not the irish ) but did start to slag me off but then rang me and asked for a bitch pup & i quote " will pay deposit straight away" see if you can work that out while you’re sitting there off work reading what’s TV mag. So full of shit you lot your like a bunch of red necks who hunt quay eggs for a living & wear sheep skin jackets because you can't afford leather. The IQ of an average human is 95+ i am guessing by the grammar of some of you it’s at about - if you do what the last one pm like the other bloke did........ :signthankspin:
  13. Sorry only two bitches left all dogs now sold.
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