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  1. Them brambles dont let go Ionce caught a rabbit that had got fast on the back leg in bramble
  2. Bond up sounds lie he aint quite confident enough with you yet. If hes making half an effort to bring the rabbit home the rest will come with bonding Thatsmy honest opinion Good luck
  3. It does as long as they don't eat um
  4. Kill and drop as got to be better than kill and feck off
  5. I'm near eccleshall Welcome nice place.Used to do a fair bit that way
  6. Dogs ears end up like liver chris.Had one or two like that
  7. Usually backfill when usingMK6 traps.
  8. Mick C.

    Hemp Nets

    Them small nets have there uses
  9. Bet you lads slept well. Looks lie you got some good ferrets and dogs there. All credit for the time you have put in
  10. Saluki whippet greyhoundxcollie greyhound bull greyhound Stop doesn't seem to be an option. Only thing I had to watch was the dog would hunt on when injured
  11. Yea its a slow thing.Lot of stuff is marked then nailed in the seat
  12. Awouldnt be lookingfor a large bag of rabbits on a mooch. Just getting lost in the moment and maybe summat for tea in the week would suffice
  13. Fair play mate we all got our own way. Its great with a lurcher and terrier and maybe a little bolting ferret and a pocket full of nets.
  14. Moochin to me would be likened to one dog one man combo boardering on a sublime passion to work together .as a team. Its got to be one of the most fulftlling forms of hunting for the pot
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