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  1. This is her yes she already broken she is a good dog hard as f**k the only reason I got given her was she hit a tree and hurt her left shoulder the muscle in that shoulder is as if there isn't any there the vet said that she would be fine to keep running and it shouldn't hurt her but the bloke was used to her at 100% but now he noticed she is just not good enough for him and passed her to me which is fine as its my first one as you lot say I don't want to ruined her but wanting to much to quick so ill stick to walking and let her run at her own pace for the next couple of weeks what would you say the outing should be about an hour or so And going back to the electrolytes your ment only have them to rehydrate yourself as you lose everything via sweat so as dogs don't sweat surely they don't lose anything or is that wrong?
  2. She about 3 ish maybe a few months older i have been walking her and letting her free run for about two weeks to get her to trot I'm either gonna have to jog or use bike I can't see how else you gonna get her to trot that's all she is doing on a bike anyway she not quite running and as I say I give her that pro plan dry food I give her wet once a day and dry once a day as her teeth were a bit shitty from eating wet all the time I understand it will take time but this is my first lurcher and I don't want to give her any thing that one she dont need and two that I don't understand
  3. I've just been told to give my lurcher x bull electrolytes taking her on a bike ride in mornings 5 miles then give her soaked pro plan in morning and dry at night she is not the fittest dog yet as she been kennelled up for a while then she got given to me am I pushing her to hard at 5 miles I was thinking of doing another 5 at night
  4. I made a rabbit pie is it ok to reheat in microwave or is it better to put back in oven?
  5. 43 posts not one picture
  6. wally done most of mine and is still one of the best aboutdo you have a number for him lad or is he on here ? Thanks if your on facebook look up wally poulton tattoos and you'll get info there mate
  7. All tats welcome good to see others
  8. Well I was wanting a terrier or two if my own dogs but wanted a background to go with it but you don't really see many to get an idea. The main man my way is wally poulton but he is booked right up till December ATM but he is free hand and the dogs bollox
  9. Sorry ill rephrase it anyone got dog tattoos on themselfs
  10. deadlyshot


    Anyone got any dog tattoos done
  11. Any farm that you go on that has cattle will have it mate just ask farmer for a tube or offer to buy some off him, I usually buy full box of 24 off them then split with mates i think its one of the best things to heal and keep infection out... Cheers buddy nice one
  12. Sorry was ment to ask what drycow is I haven't heard of it and if needed were to get it from
  13. Well thanks for all the info all taken onboard atb
  14. What antiseptics do you lot use if your dogs have been bitten either by rats of foxes I had a call out this weekend just gone and my bitch got bit quite hard so her wound is quite deep on end of nose and muzzle I have used salt water but just wondered if savlon or something else would be better
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