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  1. Well that was a success still on the pressure it was after seal's done over 4 days not bad for first attempt to strip it down repair.
  2. well just replaced all seals on it with a seal kit hopefully tomorrow it still has air in it.lol
  3. Ok i think i found the leak. I put soapy water around the pressure gauge and out came the bubbles. so i let all the pressure out removed it and there was no ring. Is there supposed to be one in there or is it out with the ptf tape? thanks
  4. Hi all Just need some info and help if possible. i may have a slow leak as when its filled it looses pressure after about 3-5 days not used but only seems to go to around 70-50 then stops. any idea what seals i may need and any instructions how to change them would be brilliant. Kind regards
  5. Wow that's a really warm welcome thanks you all.
  6. bigbootsuk

    Sea fishing

    Hi Everyone Not sure if this is allowed if not please delete. If your looking do do some sea-fishing form Hartlepool county durham my brother has a charter boat to carry up to 12. with all the latest fish finding technology ect. Very competitive prices. go out with the tide and return on it good day out. keep what you catch. message me for contact if interested. Kind regards
  7. Most of the time its down to the glass on the end of the camera. just get the best lens you can afford. and get a low f stop ie:f2.8
  8. Hi I am just new on this forum and hopefully be of some help to others.
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