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  1. Does anyone breed Collie X whippets. Might be looking for a bitch in the coming months.
  2. What about this virus, HDR2 or whatever it's called...? To what extent has that done it's handy work? Theres a few bunnies round here. But the last two he's turned his nose up at when offered as a meal. The last one he ate some of but only when I took some of the meat off the bone and then he was sick the next morning. Strange- there must be something not right with them. The dog eats anything.
  3. Just got myself a PARD infra red night vision device that clips on back of the scope. Noticed my eye is a bit dazzled after looking through it at night. Is eye damage typical from using infra red? If so, how do you prevent it?
  4. Peddled Pups for Homes. I had my dog up for stud on that site. I soon took the advert down after realising it was was full of axxxoles who are interested in profits and not quality or welfare of dogs.
  5. Hi. I shoot rabbits at night with a 177. Use a torch fitted to the scope. Trouble is the white light scares them off easily. Does anyone know how rabbits react to green light? I know certain animals can't see it. What about rabbits?
  6. He'll catch rabbits on lamp or with ferrets but doesn't quite have the acceleration of a smaller whippet type. But once up to speed there's not much faster. Basically he's an all rounder but best at coursing, long distance at speed.
  7. Got a decent photo for a change so thought I'd stick it on here. Beddy/whippet/grey. Must be saluki in him from previous generations. More of a (lure) courser than a rabbit catcher.
  8. Giving away my polecat Jill free of charge. Good worker, good working lines, great nature. Good with kids, good with dogs. Used to being handled. Recently had injection during her first season so will be out of season till next spring. Will be moving abroad so can't keep her. MUST go to a good, responsible home. I'm in Wiltshire. One on right of photo.
  9. Thanks. The vet didn't seem to know exactly what she was doing. Had to feter to a handbook!! Maybe a re-jab in order. We'll see....
  10. My in season Jill had the Jill jab to take her out of season till next year. Vet said 11 days and she should be ok. It's been 15 days and still she's got a swollen vulva. It's not as swollen as it was but still swollen. She'd already been in season for longer than she should have been (not entirely my fault). Will contact the vet soon but just thought I'd see if anyone's got experience of this...like I said, it's gone down a bit but not much.
  11. The Bedlington would be my first choice of terrier in the mix IF there was enough good working types out there. It's leggy, fast and good temperament. Similar build to a whippet. But there don't seem to be nearly as many people breeding them as there were say 15 years ago. My dogs 1/4 Beddy. He's excellent. But he's been bred from lurcher to lurcher for the last few generations. Just thought an injection of leggy Jack Russel or patterdale might be good....
  12. Has anyone crossed a patterdale with a whippet? The (good) working bedlington seems to be a thing of the past so I'm wondering if say 3/4 whippet, 1/4 patterdale might be be a good dog.... I know the bull is a popular X but it's not really my cuppa tea.
  13. Not sure how this thread works exactly but here goes... Polecat Jill free to a good home. From good working lines. At the end of her first season. Not had the snip but she's due a hormone injection soon so she'll be infertile for 18 months. The one on the right of photo. I'm in Wiltshire.
  14. Bred by a bloke called John Crosslington. Sire is a lure coursing champ. Prey drive through the roof. Very brave. Woody - whippet/Grey/bedlington. Throughback to Saluki. More Saluki has come out in him than Bedlington.
  15. Woody - whippet/Grey/bedlington. Throughback to Saluki. More Saluki has come out in him than Bedlington.
  16. Looking for a hob. Must be a good enough temperament to live with my Jill (and dog). Will get it vasectimied so it can take Jill out of season. In Wiltshire. Will travel (within reason).
  17. What is people's experience of having a fertile Jill and a vasectimied hob living/working together. Would be in the same cage. Want a vasectimied hob to take my Jill out of season but can't seem to find one on loan so thought maybe get an in tact hob, have it snipped and get him to take her out of season every time she's in season. Don't have the space to keep them separate. Obviously different individual ferrets have different temperaments but can it be done...?
  18. Got some flexible plastic air ducting with aluminium lining. Is it safe to go in the cage to use as ferret tunnels? Just wandered if anyone's had problems with the aluminium as my ferrets scratch and bite a lot.
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