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  1. well said grey man I have the same attitude as you on the subject !!!...all I am going to say is this forum is soo much different than it was 5 years ago
  2. For someone as successful as he is u think his delivery would be spot on like pro shot I have been emailing him for weeks and been fed a load of crap to be honest he must be loosing customers all the time a month to send some band sets is shocking especially when various other sellers on eBay are offering the same thing our group of 15 blokes all keen catty shooters will never go near him again it's pro shot all the way for us lot
  3. Hello all ain't been on here in a few years...does anyone have gamekeeper Johns contact number as I believe he is ignoring me I ordered band sets off him over a month ago I know I'm not the only one who has had a terrible experience with him it seem to me he is victim to his own success
  4. was a really good day good to get out and meet up again again plenty of rabbits to be had there thanks to steve for the invite always appreciated nice one
  5. was good getting out again always appreciated steve mate a very enjoyable day also enjoyed the mole trapping demo from rich nice one mate
  6. ferreter216


    that is bad but ive seen worse
  7. there is a pinned section by glenn waters on here somewhere if not buy woodgas dvd you wont go wrong with that and you will learn a whole lot more
  8. well done pat nice pics looks great fun. nice one
  9. thanks for today pat appreciated was freezing to say the least but the snow was like a smack in the face but i still enjoyed the day and company nice seeing yous again.cheers
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