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  1. sparky87

    Pistol...humane Killer

    Mike collins in dorset has a taurus with 4" barrell for £350. Thats where mine came from . www.mikethegun.co.uk
  2. sparky87

    Pistol...humane Killer

    I think theyre the ones that were taken off people that had them due to the rifled barrel . Bond arms do a 2 shot .410 derringer but are extremely hard to get hold of and been told they go off with a fair kick
  3. sparky87

    Pistol...humane Killer

    The ,410 is a Adler got a nice pistol grip on it easy to use and folds to a decent size just not as conveinient as the .22 on your belt
  4. sparky87

    Pistol...humane Killer

    Taurus 94 stainless , no complaints
  5. sparky87

    Modular Dog Runs

    www.designer-kennels.com Ive had them 4 years no problems at all
  6. sparky87

    Lost Dog

    Theres a good few miles between them. Not heard of one picked up today
  7. sparky87

    Going Agains The Grain ......

    What variation did you have from the sires litter
  8. sparky87

    Going Agains The Grain ......

    If the sire to the the sire of these pups is the dog i think it is then ive got the litter brother to it . There was one bitch in that litter that was 21/22 tts the rest 24/25 and hes 1/4 whippet rest collie grey and every thing else out of them has never come out that small again. Cant see size being a problem with these
  9. sparky87

    Going Agains The Grain ......

    On paper its only 1/16 whippet though isn't it ? From the sires side. Great condition pups
  10. sparky87

    Mk1 Locator Repair

    Does anyone repair mk1 locators? Thanks
  11. sparky87

    Animal Transit Boxes

    Does anyone know Carl at animal transit boxes ? Been waiting over a month for a replacement quad terrier box that was badly made, had all the excuses under the sun now wont return phone calls
  12. sparky87

    7/16 9/16 Bull Grey

    Tried to pm you
  13. sparky87

    Ianto 22 Months

    Thats the dam to the dog you used. She was alot racier than she looked
  14. This time last year we were just finishing the 3 months on canna and by the sound of it the hebrides didnt dissapoint on the weather front for you guys either.