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  1. Four ferrets for rehoming, 2 Jill's and 2 hobs. 3 polecat and 1 albino, all working stock. North West of Ireland area. Derry/donegal
  2. Polecat ferret kits, 10 weeks old. Well handled an fed on rabbit. NW Ireland, Derry area.
  3. First litter of kits I've bred ? all doing well.
  4. cheers Lifelong Cumbrian, that looks well. I'll give that a try!
  5. Alright folks, Just looking for information on where I could get or if anyone knows where to get those net bags that are attached to the longnet baskets? Also how are they attached? to me they look like they are heated/melted together around the bar. Cheers
  6. Yeah i recently found batteries to give bother, got cheap shite button cell batteries and panasonic 9vs. They read full power on the battery tester but are f***ing done in no time (not even a day). Then bought rayovac and duracell which read very low on my batt tester, but are still going and that was 2 months ago.
  7. I personally hold back on starting a kit until mid/season i.e December or January. Give them small bursts of hunting out with experienced ferrets, but they'll do it on their own too.
  8. Same thing happened to my old jill this year, lost control of her back legs and had no control over her bowels also with a tilted head. She was seven/eight years old, so I knocked her on the head Sunday past. was the best thing for the critter.
  9. Yeah are you sure that it's spun ploy as Leeview has said? those knots with spun poly have a good grip.
  10. That's the same knot I use for spun poly, and haven't had a knot slip yet. I've never double knotted and all my nets are good.
  11. Thought some people on here might appreciate this video footage of wild polecats, its a good watch. I have to admit, I love these old videos, especially the jack Charlton ones . Feel free to add more if you like.
  12. neil b, I have hay in their sleeping box, but when its too warm they just sleep on the shavings in the tier below anyway.
  13. Cheers for that, I wasn't sure which one to go for.
  14. I have been throwing out tones of paper recently, and was thinking about just buying a shredder and using it for the ferret bedding. Does anyone else use shredded paper for bedding? would save me a few quid in the long run buying bedding I suppose. Cheers ATB
  15. brilliant watch, wouldn't like to dig that ground though, looks as hard as a goats knee!
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