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  1. DiStuRBeD

    spun poly and knots slipping

    ok bit of an update, thanks to all that have provided some assistance, much appreciated. The knot I have had the most success with is the double carrick as shown in the vid, they seem to hold reasonable well, at the end of each row I put in 2 x double carricks for good measure. You can still get the knot undone if you work it but I dont(hope lol) think that will be a problem in the field. I had tried the other knots and they were slipping badly in the beginning So far ive done the following net sizes based on youtube vids I have watched. 8 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 15 15 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 8 8 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 17 17 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 8 Mostly here in Western Australia we have cotton type nets they are cheap and do the job but they rot and are a maroon typ0e red so blend in to everything. I do have some white ones of the same material but again not the greatest.. thats if you can even find ferreting nets anywhere!
  2. DiStuRBeD

    spun poly and knots slipping

    https://www.bunnings.com.au/grunt-330m-universal-polyester-line_p4310942 This is the line although I had pink and yellow, it says polyester. Knot ive done is a carrick knot, no matter how tight i pull the b*****d it will slip if you work it a bit. I have found that even tight knots will if you wiggle them come loose so I don't think its the way i am doing the knots. Doing a carrick twice seems to make it hold far better but looks a bit on the uglier side. Works fine with my other line I used, does not move, although i think that might be braided nylon similar to this https://www.bunnings.com.au/spear-jackson-100m-no8-pink-brickline_p5830007
  3. DiStuRBeD

    spun poly and knots slipping

    I use the same knot in the video It does not hold it very well, now I could take one of the rolls back and get my $ and try something else but i have 300m of the other roll to use that I cant take back.
  4. DiStuRBeD

    spun poly and knots slipping

    Hi all, Question for the knowledgeable on here to do with making nets out of spun poly, ive found some poly is ok and the double knots hold well but some poly it slips bad, no matter how tight you try and tie it off it comes loose. For those situations what knot do you do? Ive tried a modified double knot(feed it back up a 3rd time through the first part of the knot and then doing a 2nd double modified knot seems to hold ok but the knots look untidy and im only a beginner so there must be a better way. thanks in advance
  5. DiStuRBeD

    ozzie doggers

    would you say there is a [big] difference between styles of hunting over there compared to here, by the looks of things the dogs seem to bred far more for size[mastiff strains] rather than agility depends mate on what exactly your comparing, pig dogs vs your lurchers... then yes there is a very big difference we have running dogs too mate, although the breeds are more towards the deerhound/greyhound strains then working dogs like collies and the like. the way of hunting is different too, most people work their dogs from a ute, rather then walking paddocks, our temperature is a lot hotter, i read on here about your UK dogs having a hard time when its 20degrees celcius and it makes me spin out, ours work in that a lot no worries.
  6. DiStuRBeD

    Pig dog breed site

    hi guys so what did you think of the site? any suggestions?ideas or critiques?
  7. DiStuRBeD

    Pig dog breed site

    hi all check out this site, hope ya like it, should give you an idea of some of the dogs used in Australia to hunt wild boar http://huntingpigdog.com/
  8. DiStuRBeD

    Deerhounds and deerhound crosses

    gday mate, where would you say the best deerhound blood is?? def not australia, too many showies breeding them here too, only 3 real working kennels in australia i know of and they are having a hard time breeding good dogs as they need to use other blood from showies at some point too staghounds here are IMO the real deal
  9. DiStuRBeD

    Guess the breed/crossbreed

    very nice, looks very similar to my roodog note the bottle on tail, i had to have his tail docked due to him biting the end off... they docked it a bit short but, man i was pissed about that!
  10. DiStuRBeD

    Tenterfield Fox Whistle

    make yoru own, have a look on ozziedoggers forum there is instructions on there
  11. DiStuRBeD

    what size

    staghound to staghound for decades have a look at http://www.kangaroodog.org for pics of their bloodlines/parents/relatives/ancestors
  12. DiStuRBeD

    what size

    Update dog is 31inches to the shoulder reckon he may got a little over but i dont think he will get to 32 hes starting to chase now so the fun begins
  13. DiStuRBeD

    Thanks to the Spam Spotters

    guys you need to patch your forum, either upgrade ot the latest version of IPB or there is a few other things you can do, ive patched ozziedoggers spammers found an exploit and as you can see they are smashing it!
  14. DiStuRBeD

    stabs has been bagging up

    wrong darlington mate, the one in western australias not bad, was driving thru there a while back looking at all the roos sitting under trees in the middle of paddocks etc etc kangaroos ahve an annoying habit of hopping out in front of you at the last minute, very painful and a reason i have a solid metal bullbar, they bounce off without killing your car that way
  15. DiStuRBeD

    Real wolfhounds

    they are common in x's here in australia, a lot of piggers use thm for size and they have nose technically no irish wolfhounds have hunted wolf for centuries... they were recreated too so not really the true wolfhound of ireland if i was to look for a true wolf dog, i'd be looking at either american staghounds or borzoi in europe dont ahve wolves over here, but we do have dingo