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  1. Hi long shot i know but is there anyone i can tag along with for a day pigeon shooting? Got my own gun insurance ect if anyone can help me i will be very grateful thanks
  2. Anyone around berks area I can tag along with and who is willing to show me the ropes before i comit to buying any ferrets? Don't mind doing the grunt work lol
  3. Sam-r

    Beginner Help

    Right boys hunting with Falcons is something I've always been intrested in and now I'm ready to take plunge and finally start only problem is I have no idea where to start lol none of my friends have Hawks so I'm stuck abit. I've decided on a female Harris hawk but I'm stuck on other things like equipment and do I buy a young bird and train it or get a older one already trained any advice welcome but please no nasty comments we was all in my situation once thank you Sam....
  4. As above for sale a good singing bird finch noted sings switty pm for more details
  5. Think I will contact PayPal to see about getting my money back
  6. I hope they still trading I payed for them now
  7. Tryed that number mate it dont work
  8. Anyone got there contact number? Bought some bands of there website and have not recived them yet and they not replying to my emails
  9. As above i got a idea for a sheath and need to talk to someone to see if it possible
  10. Poxy things one killed my goldfinch the other week
  11. Thanks looked on eBay can't find them and had dealings with bells [BANNED TEXT] never again
  12. Can anyone tell me where i can buy square elastic and brass pins please mine has started to split thanks
  13. Right boys getting desperate now a hawk came and killed my only cock bird yesterday so now really need a goldfinch cock any age considered in berkshire Hampshire Surrey Oxford area Cheers
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