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  1. for any e book users out there just picked up some interesting e books on rats, give it a go if you haven't already.
  2. Cheers j Darcy will do when I need some more
  3. Wma seem to be cheapest solway don't seem to sell the 55
  4. Anyone know of a supplier for small amounts not much on ebay ta.
  5. I see they have been passed for use on squirrels in England what about wales ?.thanks.
  6. Cheers they both seem to work,some traps always catch more consistently probably down to placement I think.
  7. Hi I need to get some more traps for rats I've got fenn mk4 and bmi 110s am thinking more 110 or try 55s? Which is better for rats? They will be used around chicken coop and feed shed in homemade tunnels, thanks.
  8. I see a lot of us states are refusing to take Syrian refugees now I wonder what will happen here?
  9. Cheers boys I would be using Max of two ounces anyway I'm not after distance no more than 40 to 50 yards for bass and at my feet for flounder got a shimano reel to go with it.
  10. Hi, I have a fox warrior carp rod was thinking of using it for flounder and bass but wondering how the rings would stand up in the salt water,anyone use one in the Sea?,thanks.
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