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  1. Cheers mate hes stood out the litter being only white one lol , he was one of the biggest pups from day one , wouldn't leave me alone think he chose me also , he's very forward strong very thick set boned 13wk old now
  2. Yeah mate big heads red noses some are very muscles bodys like they have bull x in them lol
  3. Fens did Charlie have bull x in him ?
  4. A young bitch from this breeding ran well last season
  5. They built like bulls crosses not ur shy type
  6. Not best of pics will take some tomorrow
  7. Iv got 3 males pups left out my litter if anyone interested msg me Dina is sister Derby johns Bella
  8. He out of buddy to lucky , lucky is red sonia sister
  9. Yeah I had her litter brother seen that little bitch run one season my mate sold her back to tw on a pup bk deal and got a pup of the rover breeding
  10. My mates got a bitch out of that litter run well last season
  11. I didnt mc used another similar bred
  12. Would be interesting in seeing a pic of this Freddie dog or info on who owns him
  13. Not sure about the cup but yes mate belle mother to bulldozer she went to ozzy to produce bulldozer and she also went to old barny think twice produced champions in every litter
  14. Barney x jims belle was a class breeding produced some top top bitches heard alot about that rocky dog that broke his leg considered him over my bitch but couldn't travel that fare at the time
  15. That's her ruby ruby didn't she go to a pure after rover? Her brother
  16. Yes mate I seen that bitch run one full season small fast attacking dog she picked up few injury wasn't same rest of season lad sold her back she got put to rover Richard had one gave it to his mate like you said the my mate got a pup off that running well done 2 with it last week all similar stamps around 23 24 inches and fast . I was once watching that bitch out of pearl x romeo run the driver decided to get out of the car and watch too but he left the car in drive and pulled handbrake up which wast very good we was watching this race looked back and car had driven of it self 100 yards
  17. Out of jamie to bitch out of rover x pure
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