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  1. joe54

    Is Tiny 7

    are u still on here mate if so get back to me long time no here
  2. I am after a bushing terreir lads must be good cash waiting along with a little trail when I come to see
  3. joe54

    Fond Memory's

    great thread this one
  4. joe54

    Fond Memory's

    went for a walk just a few days ago in a local spot seen a rabbit hop out in the middle me and my 3 year old boy told him to keep hes eyes open while I walked around on it with the old bitch he laughed hes head off when he wotched it properly because the bitch missed it ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, that will stick with me he wonted to find more
  5. joe54

    Lamping Or Day Time ?

    nice walk in the day like the dogs on somethink bushing ect then from the car most nights all ways get plenty of spins
  6. joe54

    What Ye Reckon With This Guy?????

    WHAT do u put in to face book to follow him please
  7. joe54

    Bull Grey Saluki Grey

    loction would help mate
  8. joe54

    Lamping Training

    luck to have my pup carry back 90% so far and as for the jumping the times I have starting him out he seems to be poping he head over fences and giving a little jump in the dark better than the day he just tries ripping throw it lol will see ...............
  9. joe54


    I leave the beer alone for few weeks at a time these days then hit it for 2 3 days hard up in the morning finish stupid hours then die in bed for few days pocket out 3 4 hundred .............................getting sick of it never get things done when your hanging out your arse now I am off untill xmas f**k it if I can do longer I will
  10. joe54

    Beddy X Whippet

    great thread
  11. joe54

    Beddy X Whippet

    hes mine 7 half months now coming on brilliant beddy x greyhound cant beat for moochering dogs
  12. joe54