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  1. Lurcher88

    Tonight 8 O'clock Bbc 1

    Did you see the £100k 'charge' they put on the woman looking after all the cats ... worked all her life, cared for too many animals and loses everything when she sells up. Farce
  2. Lurcher88

    Latest Pic

  3. Lurcher88

    Nice Little Knife For Sale

    What's the blade length? Tidy like
  4. Lurcher88

    Beddy X Whippet

    Strongbow ... that's a beaut fella! Dam - Greyhound Sire - Bed x Whippet. Lamp only as I don't have ferrets sadly. One step too far for the missus! Lol
  5. Lurcher88

    Beddy X Whippet

    Northernlite - 22" tts FUJI - Cheers bud
  6. Lurcher88

    Beddy X Whippet

    He's been doing spot on pal. Still a learning game for him even at his age. Best advice I ever took on board was from experienced lads on here who advised to let the pup grow up in his own time. Got a fabulously rounded mut
  7. Lurcher88

    Beddy X Whippet

    my 2 year old Beddy Whippet x Grey. Let's see your dpgs lads
  8. Lurcher88

    Puppy Tips

    Spend time teaching it commands. Teach it right and wrong. Dont expect it to understand you straight away little but often is the way you'll get best results
  9. Just a few pics of my lad on this evenings walk. This past 6 months he's come on a real treat. Put a lot of time into his recall & general obedience/commands. He's now 15 months old - 21" TTs.
  10. Lurcher88

    Lurchers Yapping In Kennel

    "A tired dog is a good dog" Exercise him so all he wants to do is eat & sleep!