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  1. Shaaark, mate thankyou for the advice. What you've said is spot on and I'd never thought of it like that. A good friend said something similar about working him too soon. He said although physically he looks the part, mentally he's still immature/young and i could easily ruin him by starting too early, thats why I won't work him till next season.
  2. Thanks Cantona. Hes still fed raw 3 times a day and has a good hour 20 mins a day free running
  3. Thanks mate. He loves the water and jumping is coming on nicely
  4. Its hard to show his height without something to compare it with. He's very leggy which doesn't show in the pictures
  5. Just wandering how much my bull x will change physically. Hes just turned 12 month so wandering how much he will change physically again. Height/weight wise etc. He's about 28TTS & around 35kgs. Cheers
  6. Hes 3/5 5/8 bull grey pal. Sire was 29tts
  7. Pup will be 7.5 month on the weekend. Hes 27 tts and 30kg. Is there much more left in him height and weight wise?
  8. If sire is 5/8 3/8 bull gray and dam 1/2 cross bull grey what would the pups % be? Thanks
  9. Lost the dog yesterday whilst walking in the woods. Found him an hour and a half later hanging by his back leg from a fence covered in blood but still alive. Looks like he had tried to jump over the fence (which he has never done before) but failed and got his leg twisted in the 2 strands of barbed wire that run across the top of the fence. Do dogs remember bad experiences like this resulting in then never attempting to do it again?
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