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    Rip fella, I enjoyed listening to you, salt of the earth type who will be missed.
  2. Rabid

    Song birds

    As above, give them a mix, I use niger seed, sunflower, peanuts, mixed bird and wheat, they also like some cover to dart to, so a tree/bush or hedge close to the feeder helps a lot,
  3. Rabid

    Selling Meat

    My butchers want them gutted but in the jacket
  4. Rabid

    Selling Meat

    For game dealers and butchers I believe there are no laws or licences involved, I have sold rabbits for many years to butchers and never a problem, dealers take anything and everything in season, again no problem, I've never sold direct to pubs so not certain on that side of things.
  5. Rabid

    Rat problem

    Where in Bedfordshire are you, I may be able to help if local. Ha, just seen, joined on 28th may, one visit, one post and never been back.
  6. Rabid

    What's it worth

    Yes, I thought they both looked in very good condition. dont forget the 15hp will always hold a higher value than your 9, personally I prefer the mariner engines, yours does look pretty old, but if looked after they are good engines.
  7. Rabid

    Long haul holidays

    I did Kenya a good few yrs back and am in agreement with you, it's the holiday of a lifetime.
  8. Rabid

    What's it worth

    The things you need to know, age of boat, age of outboard and approximate use, what comes with it, sounds like you have a vhf radio with it, if you can find those out it will make the value much more accurate. Not to piss on anyone's fire but it will not be worth 3 or 4 grand unless it is a pretty new engine and boat. one just sold on gumtree with a 15hp Suzuki engine for 2 grand.
  9. Rabid

    Few corvids today

    That sign said dartford and you was looking cross the river me ole mucka
  10. Rabid

    Dream job

    I enjoyed my time on the blades, but glad I don't do them too often now. I am living the dream, part time farmer, part time 360 operator, wouldn't change it for nowt.
  11. Rabid

    Few corvids today

    The cartridge may be capable, but his eyesight ain't what it used to be
  12. Rabid

    Badger cull

    Stumbled acrosss this today, anyone know if it's horse shit or some truth in it ? https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/05/27/farmers-offered-50-kill-badger-cull-rolled-across-england/?WT.mc_id=tmg_share_fb
  13. Rabid

    Badger cull

    Yes, sorry that's what I meant, the point was previous culls were nothing like what's been set out this year. After reading a few reports and stats, IF they are to be believed, the rate this tb is increasing/spreading is an alarming rate over the last 10 yrs. I'm not 100% upto speed with cattle, but have heard many rumours from dairy and beef farmers around me, it would seem the stats back up the word on the street so to speak.
  14. Rabid

    Badger cull

    I knew about the previous cull plans, what I wasn't aware of was the price per head on them set at £50. A brief read up suggests most of England will be in eligible areas, and although a few hoops set up, the granting of licences will indeed be happening once the set criterea is met.
  15. Rabid

    End Cap

    I would loose the cap, but I would have gone with the thinner one.
  16. Rabid


    I remember telling you late last year thermal was the way forward jimmy, you wouldn't have it. BUT, they ain't the b all and end all, they suffer in certain conditions as well, like a wet drizzle night they can be totally blind. i don't think impact is the swinger, it's the .25, I love all of mine, I have two in .25 that both perform outstanding work.
  17. Got the job then, welcome dinner of roast squirrel and rabbit pie
  18. Rabid

    Rabbit cage traps

    I've had great results using them, a few yr back I cleared a farm up, we had eighty traps out, was getting anything from 30-65 a day ! we trialled lots of bait and placements, I found 20 yards from the hedge/ditch seemed favourite, and cabbage was by far the best bait.,
  19. Rabid

    Bushing litter

    The Black and Tan one is lovely, just the job, good healthy looking litter that. ps, if it's available........
  20. Rabid

    Shocking trip

    This should make a few of you twisted buggers laugh, it did us. yesterday I moved one of my chicken sheds, and as always is the case we saw about a dozen rats. As always, I went out as soon as it got dark, the rats are always wandering around not too sure what's happened, and I bag up. so, I had been around one side of the pen, only one rat, sat broadside on at 17 yds, no match for the jsb it rolled over in submission. Walked the bottom fence and saw two more, knocked one down with ease, and the second one scurried off up the hedge line in the direction I was heading. Just as I turned the corner, I saw two further up the hedge, I couldn't get a shot, trees and branches in the way, so I manouvered about until I had one in the clear, it soon joined no2, , the other one stuck it's head around a tree stump to look at it's mate, big mistake as the 4th jsb went over to make good contact, this one did a little dance before coming to rest, checked it out and was bang on the money between its eyes. Well I was going up the third side, scanning with the thermal as I walked, BANG ! TWAT ! I had completely forgot we had moved the electric fence line, I've walked this route every night for a year, I knew every hole, bump and branch, then clever nuts went and moved the fence ! I was on my face, my boot (metal toe caps) had hooked in one of the mesh and somehow wedged itself, the gun was also tangled in the net, I was laid on top of it like a beached whale porpoising around, and feeling every hit of the mains cattle charger its connected to, it felt like I was stuck in a mains socket for ten minutes. Jeez that thing has some clout. Finally managed to extract myself and the gun, cursing but also very slightly amused it had got me, I called it a night until I can check the gun over and make sure zero is good. The only thing damaged was my pride, and we've been having a good giggle about it this morning.
  21. Rabid

    new double ferret hutch

    I don't think the bed looks small, I would say it's about the right proportion. whats the overall size ?
  22. Rabid

    new double ferret hutch

    Check you out, mortise and tennon joints on the ferret hutch, very impressive and properly made
  23. Rabid

    Shocking trip

    So it seems like I'm not on my own then. I've had many a good chuckle at folk getting a belt off my fence, bit of karma last night I believe.
  24. Rabid

    pair of prooven harris hawks good breeders

    Am sure there is a lot more to it than that, feeding, handling, cleaning and general care, I adore all rids of prey, as much as I would love one or a pair, I wouldn't know where to start. Out of interest, do you not fly them if they are a breeding pair then.
  25. Rabid


    I've got the swallows back in my barn that come every year, one is sitting tight on eggs. Not seen no where near the amount of swifts we usually get though.