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  1. If Jonny head the ball had a pair of balls ,we wouldn't be still talking about this .
  2. Oh. Ok then pope mackers Scaredy baa
  3. "Why did they not ask him originally instead of me for a service, me a nobody just do my own thing and I enjoy it." What's that I see ... Is it puffs of smoke ,are ye the new pope ,all hail pope mackers the 1st :D , btw the big lad is now lurking on here so watch your eye ;D lol
  4. saucydotters


    Wee Fannie the c**t
  5. your fleg is on the top the saucydotters fleg what the f##k are ya mouthing about bitter balls and what the f#cks my FLEG ?
  6. What the f**k has Catholics got to do with it ya bitter c**t hope you've got her permit for your boney in order
  7. Sure isn't it great to Irish yes chid you too your a Gael as well SLÀINTE
  8. Take that chariot and away on da f**k LOSERS
  9. saucydotters


    Great victory , did scothunter get home ok
  10. That's all well and good Kaiser but when your selling pups at hundreds of pounds ye can hardly complain about your name been bandied about.
  11. More cocker bred dogs in Ireland than there is shamrock FS
  12. The thing is Neil has been asked on numerous occasions to state what pat has done , to date he hasn't answered, so we can only draw our own conclusions
  13. Or say what you really mean... varminator , what are Kevin and Pat's surnames ?
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