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  1. Howdy,

    I'll be taking a road trip all around southern England for about a week and a half starting Sunday. Not sure where you're located, but if it's in the area I'd love to buy you a beer or burger while chatting over how your dog works. Alternatively, if you're not in the area maybe we can talk on this forum some more. I think a pointer lurcher could be a great potential dog for me, but there's not a lot of examples out there. Anyhow, not sure where you're located, but thought I'd take a chance. 


    1. coverdogs


      Hello Michael,

      Sorry but i am in  Donegal Ireland  a bit far away for you. i am sorry i didn't get back to you sooner been busy this last while.  i haven't time to talk now buy if you want to ask me anything just message me and i will get back to you as soon as i can. A.T.B. Gerard

  2. coverdogs

    Pointer Cross

    i have a saluki bull grey x wgp he lacks a bit of speed but a very good nose will find game anywhere very biddable and works well with terriers. he wouldn't be everyone's choice but he suits the type of hunting i do.
  3. coverdogs

    Gwp pup

    She is a beauty, i wish you all the best with her.
  4. coverdogs

    Pointer X Deerhound

    He is ok jumps fences well can catch on the Lamp not in the same league a whipper grey but being a half pointer he is a great dog on the hill and rough ground can take a knock great feet, not everyone's choice but suits the type of hunting we do. Can take him rough shooting too will point a bird and hunt cover well.
  5. coverdogs

    Pointer X Deerhound

    Looks like it's got a great coat on it mf. Not a 1st cross pointer/deerhound though? I think it's a deer/grey by GWP. I've only ever seen it in photos on here though. He is a GWP X Saluki bull grey lads, not a record breaker but good daytime dog great nose marks well they make a good terrier man's dog.
  6. coverdogs

    Out Today

    I was not knocking you for hunting nor was i looking for an apology, i know it is legal here but for how much longer? i hunt here too and i don't hide away scared of what others might think but i do think that fox hunting in ireland is in danger from not only antis but from all angles government included, so i will stay under the radar for a while yet. as i said before every man to his own. Happy Hunting
  7. coverdogs

    Funny Joke Thread

    Young couple just married moves in with the grand parents They went upstairs to the bedroom and haven't been seen for a week or so the old man says to his wife what are those two been living on all week i haven't seen them down stairs at all the old lady replies they are living on the fruits of love the old guy replies i wish they would stop throwing the skins out the window the old dog is choking on them.
  8. coverdogs

    Out Today

    You may be shovel shy but you are certainly not camera shy, you are a brave boy standing for those photographs in the present climate as far as hunting is concerned . but every one to there own. you seem to have a good pack of hounds happy hunting. A.T.B. Coverdogs.
  9. coverdogs

    Hunting Festivals ???

    Same here milliken, might go monday until thursday if we knew who was hunting.
  10. coverdogs

    Hunting Festivals ???

    I hope to get to one festival before the season is over and have a few beers and a bit of craic with some like minded people. might even see you there harrier.
  11. coverdogs

    Hunting Festivals ???

    Any more information on this festival lads who's hunting and on which days. P.M. me if you prefer Thank's.
  12. coverdogs

    Anyone Good With Breed Percentage Work This Out Please

    That cross is known as a heinz lurcher .......57 varieties
  13. coverdogs

    A Pair Of Trousers !

    Check the pockets, knowing your luck on a dig there is probably money in them. LOL.
  14. coverdogs

    View From Your Dig

    There will be some smart ass checking the location of these pics that are taken on a phone with the location setting switched on and the next time you go back they will have it dug, or worse the anti's just might have the location of an unknown den an have a camera on it in future.
  15. coverdogs

    Walk Out.

    He could be, but i don't like to see lambs too early i hate to see them out in bad weather but he wont have to worry about the cubing season.