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  1. Hi All looking for a chocolate cocker bitch pup of proper working lines are there any litters about or any planned ? cheers ATB
  2. Hi All Happy new year to you all , I'm looking for a bull x cocker spaniel pup ( bitch ) is there are any planned litters or pups already on the ground atb Ian
  3. useful tool to have, but learn how to use it properly or you could end up wrecking your dog
  4. thinking of getting one of these, did you have to download any new software and if so how easy was it ?
  5. I've been looking at the garmin tt15 mini track and train system and collars that work off your phone the only down side to them is they only works with your phone if you have got a 3G or 4G signal not a lot of cop when your in the middle of nowhere, plus do you really want to get your phone out when it is hacking down with rain, when I've saved enough to buy the garmin it will only be on the dog when working or training sessions,
  6. This is exactly what I have been saying WHY would anyone take a Lurcher lamping this time of year ??? I am sorry to hear about ur dog mate but I don't know what else you would expect Don’t really agree mate, we have hard ground all year round, like concrete from spring onwards and the dogs are fine. We don’t have a season and run them all year round average temp here is 25 c Why do you think that is ??? Just a question. what breeding is your dogs ?
  7. always gutted then frozen for a few weeks killing off fleas, worms etc
  8. put the leg in a bucket of ice cold water couple times a day helps get the swelling down, if not gone down in a day or two vets mate get it checked out
  9. Hi All After been let down twice now, I have 3hob kits and 1 jill going free to a good home if interested pm me for more info atb Ian
  10. no sterile as he is 4 years old and has never managed to get a jill pregnant yet
  11. Hi all, some advice would be great as I'm new to this ferreting game, a couple of weeks ago a mate of mine gave me his sterile hob to get use to until the kits I booked were old enough to collect, now I have my new kits and for the last week every day I have been putting them in a run and letting the hob out to see them , the question is will he be able to mix with the kits and how long should I leave it before letting him in with them as they are now nine weeks old. atb Ian
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