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  1. These will be my mooching type for a few years, well at least a couple of them
  2. Got to be the best thread I've seen in a while I'm crying keep it up who need the comedy channel
  3. Well done again bud the pup is a credit to you
  4. It a good bag that for the pup your making me to rethink my strategy to bringing my pup on maybe a bit more lamping is the way forward atb
  5. Is there any videos on YouTube for this model yet cheers
  6. He has come a lot racier than some of the other pups but but he's not small if you know what I mean.would be nice to see what they are like at 18 months once they have grown out properly. like I said before I'm pleased with how he's coming on, just wish there was enough game about to get his teeth into, I shall start ferreting with him in the next couple of weeks hopefully.
  7. Oh he's been out a few times,just taking my time with him plus the the ground we run is quite testing for such a young dog so I don't want to brake him.just going concentrate on day work with the ferrets and a bit of mooching
  8. Yes mate very hard do get a decent pic of him doesn't keep still
  9. Its nice to see your pups are doing as I'm pleased with mine too.not done a lot with him a such but can see he's going to what I want of him.will get some pics up soon as I get a few
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