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  1. ha ha ha that's him 100% :) priceless!!!!
  2. Thats right he is ment to be from old gould and nuttall lines.
  3. Boatman, who has a book out soon? TW? TUFFTY you tell me, as you are the one who put the link up. Is there any men digging to this line now? Did the " DEALER" produce dogs as good as his G sire ect You will have to ask young tommy about that boatman http://www.thehuntinglife.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/#EMO_DIR#/thumbs.gif TUFFTY The blind dog was a great dog and produced some great terriers but he also produced alot of terriers that didn,t make the grade which i find alot of terrier men keep secret. They will all tell you about the great terriers but notting about the 90% th
  4. The Blind dog that is being talked about in this tread is called the blind dog because he lost his two eyes while working his quarry and was dug to a few times later with no eyes.!!
  5. Here is a few of my mules!! here is a goldie x bully hybrid
  6. hello aslan is there lurcher racing at this show?.
  7. just wondering is there lurcher racing at this show and if there will be is it hand slipping or out of traps?.
  8. Alright DOSER have you still got the little dogs with big hearts book for sale.
  9. no bother sound man for the reply!!!!!! Tommy, What shows did you win at? Email me a number to call you to irishgamefair@btinternet.com Albert I emailed you that number Albert.
  10. Ian, Thanks for your suggestions but In fact the race was run last year largely as you suggest. 1. All owners registered at HQ with my son David before 12.00 noon when they received their travelling expenses i.e for Irish competitors £25 (per dog qualified) and £50 for UK runners. 2. I personally supervised the draw and all registered and qualified owners drew a numbered ball out of a bag and dogs were run in that order. The owners got to keep the ball! 3. There were three line judges : Dazzam; Tom Fulton the Chairman of the Hunting Association of NI and one of our security sta
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