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    the fight

    i aint been on here in a long long time now max but after last nights jacking by AJ and all the flak we used to get i just had to come back on and remind some ( and you know who you are .we told you what joshua was all about not worth a carrot as for beating Tyson hahahahaha hes not good enough to fight on the same bill as Ty
  2. ive been around fighters all my life boy and i dont think Ty is top class .I KNOW HES TOP CLASS AND THE BEST FIGHTER ON THIS PLANET . hes the best heavyweight this country ever had and good enough to have fought in any era yet still people like yourself seeth with jealousy and hatred for him yet try to portray yourself as a boxing fan as for cockroach Hearn i wouldnt lag on that bloke if he was on fire .im away now to earn a few quid to put away towards my flight and ticket for the return Ty v Wilder in las vegas .its a hard life following the Gypsy king .ps wipe your nose before you leave for school
  3. your right max nothing changes it was same nonsense some years ago with a lot of the same fools calling Ty over full of hate and jealousy and probably vast majority of em will be snot nosed kids like you say dont know their arse from their elbows .hope your keeping well max its been a while my friend hope you and your family have a great xmas mate
  4. against who ??? well he travelled to klits own back yard and beat an eleven year reigning all time great and he went to the states with just two bitsa fights in his come back and did a number on another undefeated 39 fight k/o record on another great champion and dont forget chum mike tyson didnt get up lennox didnt get up and never hit with the power Tyson Fury was hit with .you keep supporting that bum joshua ( ps you can tell him he can come out the wardrobe now hes been hiding in there since wilder came up with the 50mil and contract ) hes fighting Stan next a 53 yr old milkman from Doncaster its on PPV 19.99 and il get behind proper fighting men
  5. a Fury fan ? i am a Fury and ive been reading this shyte on here for the last five years and thats all it is SHYTE from a bunch of haters consumed with jealousy i aint been on here in some time now but even after not being on in at least a couple of years its still the same shyte from the same bunch of fools .
  6. only an idiot like you would come out with this shyte what you know about the fight game could be wrote on the back of a second class stamp with a four inch paint roller
  7. better man than scum like you fools will ever be . you ladies can always meet up you know .tomorrows fine its only taking P/MS il even pay your diesel .or are you going to keep hiding behind your net .lets get it on mrs
  8. no suprise there ..no one likes him and you and hearns are who ? your some clown that owns two salukis that have never caught a rabbit doubled up your an idiot and Hearn has been conning PPV with joshuas farce against that clown marshall. fools like you will always buy into this bollox and thank god for your internet hunting .cos you will never get out with your rubbish .because thats what you own is rubbish and your life evolves with this crap you mug
  9. No I,ll tell you what it means...he s a p***y who should have never have grad his name anywhere near the words world champion....p***y by name p***y by nature f**k him he has been caught out, good riddance to him fools like you will only ever have have the internet to thank for your pathetic little existence
  10. and the same shit from a tramp like you .mind your own business fool or get on a bus .go back to your fantasy world
  11. And probably run by pedo's ,all looking out for each other ,bit like a few other clubs/society's/charitable groups ,raise a bit of money for worthy causes ,all just smoke and mirrors ,us dumb sheeple wont see past the kind charitable acts .........how about we ALLrefuse to pay for a tv/peado licence ,what are they going to do? i can honestly say ive never bought a tv license in my life .nor i never will .
  12. the only thing id believe about or from the BBC is the fact they employed knowingly pedo pigs and covered up for them whilst they were in their employ
  13. go on facebook mate type in roller pigeons there will be half a dozen sites come up any one of those sites will put you onto tumbler sites
  14. my mother kept lovebirds .but the noise ffs lol and the damage they do to aviaries is unreal they literally eat the bloody thing .my mothers bred like rats and all year round as well and she had a few pairs of ringnecks they were the same .id go in my mums aviary and id be half a day patching up holes they were making in the roof or sides .very hardy birds as well .but not for me lol il stick to my canaries and finches
  15. best lines there are those and versatility at its best
  16. wish id known tufft id have been straight down to you .
  17. above you say you aint seen one run you clown and a couple posts below your making out you seen one regular . you do understand you would have to see one run regular to make an informed opinion .a typical internet hunter with how many usernames do you have ?I seen a half x straight out khan you silly ole fcuker and my lamping mate has a line bred coursing dog, now run along and but into somebody else's convo that don't concern you haha, never seen a pure run have seen few in flesh tho haha, anything else ye wanna know pm me or come ask in person, silly mouthy ole cnut lol, yous can all ram your saluki up your arse, fook letting my lad join your clique hahaThere is no clique what the f**k are you talking about you can really spit your dummy out give your head a shake.Ye know what forget my last few posts, I apologise for any snide remarks, I won't be commenting or mentioning saluki again so can forget all about me typical internet fool .all your hunting done on your laptop passing comments on things you know nothing about and when your found out you throw a load of insults over the net that a fool like you could never back up .what you know and what you do outside of your beloved laptop could be written on the back of a second class stamp . remember this chum you can always have my postcode your whole contribution to fieldsports evolves around this forum you haunt it ya clown if its not salukis your crabbing its some lad selling a dog or your jumping all over the general chat arguing with some one .take a tip stop smoking the gange go have a good scrub put the lapyop away have a cup of sweet tea and take the dog for a walk start of slowly just a couple of miles a day .i bet you dont last two days before your back on here killing 40 a night 3/3 in your back garden .you call me a cnunt well go fluck your mather cnunt
  18. above you say you aint seen one run you clown and a couple posts below your making out you seen one regular . you do understand you would have to see one run regular to make an informed opinion .a typical internet hunter with how many usernames do you have ?
  19. good luck feller .ive had a hen canary lay yesterday thats in with a finch so fingers crossed on both
  20. i picked up 18 boxes today .couldnt be fresher .and great quality dogs love it .large boxes with approx twenty to twenty five pound in weight .for two and half quid a box fantastic value .you wont get better anywhere in wales for the money
  21. thanks mate .i look forward to seeing you again
  22. very good food this for your dogs and it comes as fresh as is possible ive been having it for a year at least now from martin and its fantastic valuetried to pm you Brookie could you message me please atb AT hello my mate il empty the box now
  23. ive got a few young mosaics out and my bully hen laid her third egg today .so fingers crossed il have some youngsters .thanks to my good friend taz and all his help with kit. birds .and advice . last time i visited taz lol i walked from there loaded up and owing him a tenner .he said ffs everytime you call here i feel like father christmas has your leaving lol lol .hes a great lad and friend is taz
  24. very good food this for your dogs and it comes as fresh as is possible ive been having it for a year at least now from martin and its fantastic value
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