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  1. Just wandering what are the lamps you are using this season and what do you think of LED lamps cheers folks C.P
  2. ken woodacre give him a call number above saturdays only now
  3. classy looking bitch mate lovley bit of of england pal looks like you had a good day.
  4. bell me when u see this [BANNED TEXT] stef
  5. dug to the father<grandfather and grandmother of these pups all bang on at there jobs pups will make crackers brought on right. Parents wouldn't be here if not never mind bred from
  6. Alright lads my mate was shooting on altar last night and found 3 lurchers just wants to return them if you p.m me or mark@bb we will pass your number on and you can arrange to pick the dogs up they look well looked after no question ask just wants them gone this is a honest post no body else is involved
  7. good pics mate we'll double that next week weather dependant
  8. personally i would have called the 1 in the picture a ginger rather than albino ?? i could be wrong just my opinion
  9. alright folks trying to find picture of a huntsman in handcuffs i think someone had the picture as there avator its not got the huntsman face on just his hands cuffed up and holding horn cheers c.p
  10. yes mate my mates 1st cross deerhound / grayhound dog 31 inche ths
  11. singled handed red stag day or night never happen [sorry apart from my mates beddy whippet does 1 a week]
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