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  1. Get out on a night with no moon and when ur running a rabbit as soon as he gets some thing aim the light at ur feet and just keep doing it take ur time worst thing u can do is run after the dog cos it will start too think that its a game and just too ask are u using any type of singnal when ur wanting too retrieve hand signals or whistle or talking are u praising the dog as its coming closer or are u waiting till the exact time when he gives something into ur hand cos out of all training with dogs I've found timing of praising works better then any thing and I would not concentrate on too many
  2. Over the last 10 years it has went up and down not the changing weather but from rabbit numbers if we have high rabbit numbers one year we have less foxes but changes too the next year high foxes less rabbits only thing me and some friends find different is if the weather is not as cold as normal is that we will find cubs sizes are very varied going from are numbers we can take 120 one year too 60 the next just are 2 cents
  3. Bit of evey thing when I left school Underkeeper/ welder and fabricator/ farm hand/ fruit picker/office worker in city /fencing /tractor contracting/ on the scallop boats/relief milker /know a dairy men start at 4 fin at 8 back too work at 12 for an hour then home till 2 too 7 then back out at 9 for half an hour good job I live on the farm and every 2nd weekend off so iam lucky I get my afternoons off and not got far too go too work my dogs
  4. Get her to do all the work then So not going too work I'll just get the only reason iam round here is cos u can't go out lamping
  5. Had plans too but put me back out this morning at work so feeling sorry for me self on the sofa cant even shag me bird and I've still got too put up with her pish not happy
  6. Funnyiest thing I've seen all week
  7. Also don't pay for any packages that say they will sort out ur visa and banks and all that stuff just get online and sort it out for ur self not hard too set up a bank account or visa cos they rip u off mate like alot done it when I went too oz they charged me 700 pounds for some thing that took me 3 hours too do my self and cost me 100 quid when I went too Nz
  8. U can find alot of jobs online mate lots of farm work in Nz that is easy too pick up lot of dairy work and beef and sheep plus most farm work comes with accommodation only thing I would say is make sure u got a driving licence and enuf money too buy a car or pick up when u get out there usaly lots of cheap backpackers cars and old bangers always handy too know if ur skint u got some were too sleep and if u get really stuck some hostels will let u work for ur acomadation usually cleaning rooms or some shit job usually 3 hours a day buts it's a bed and it will be the best decision of ur life I e
  9. What about wild boar not sure what type of damage they do when eating though
  10. I get £1 a rabbit ungutted and they take them frozen so keep 2 chest freezers running and just gradually fill them then sell bulk last year I got 842 rabbits just handier for me plus they can take up too 200 at a time
  11. What you net BL ? Mullet and bass and sole
  12. Gill nets during the summer in the bays and picking wulks an rabbits in the winter all can be done between milkings and relief milk on my weekends off some times when money is tight
  13. Once fell from a ceiling and landed on my back on stairs only thing that sorts myne when it starts too hurt is a cyropractor they can do wonders
  14. Don't know if this is 100 % true or not but any cat that is a certain distance away from its home 500 yards away is classed as feral and u are aloud too shoot them on ur permission
  15. Started well but my bitch is really playing up stoped jumping fence and running half hearted atleast my big dog is running fine
  16. He prob thought give the dog away for free go on holiday come back get dog back no kennel bills lol
  17. Decided too go for a little bit of a walk this morning see what was kicking about on one of my permissions seen one rabbit could not belive it used too go up here and get 20 runs a day just shows ya what myxe has done
  18. Been in the same situation as u once dog is now retired but it took a long time for him too get the picture what he was meant too be doing alough he was always generally happy but I found I never got the same loyalyte and wanting too work for me as I have had with other dogs that have been brought up from pups it put me off taking on any dog over the age of 14 weeks but u have Too get a real good bond with ur dog try and get him to want too work for you and not himself but and just keep up with he's manners and training it might just click like myne did or maybe not
  19. Hope I'm never on a level crossing when you're approaching! I use red or amber. I find red sometimes helps with Foxes or Rabbits that've been lamped before. An amber filter doesn't reduce the beam length as much as other colours, and cuts through any mist better. I personally find that amber also gives a better contrast which makes spotting at distance easier I have tried them a few times and always seem too be more of a hindrance too me and don't worry I hate driving
  20. Really don't like them tried red amber and green and must be my eye sight but I find I can't see as far with them or I miss odd ones that I know I could off seen with out it on
  21. Farm roads that u know no one is going too be driving on and forest block roads my preferred places any way
  22. Do 1 mile on road then cut back threw the fields and lamp near enuf every nite or a good run in the back garden field depends on what I've got on in the week if not much time and iam busy 3 mile trot next too car
  23. Had one that was an escape artist got out only one of 4 ferrets that knew how too get out went missing for a month gave up on him ended up finding him running across a field about a mile away from my house when bringing in some cows perfectly healthy
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