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  1. Oz or Nz mate if uve never been traveling lots of work in these country's plus great times and good beers and BBQS and lots and great days hunting and good company ow and lots of country girls that are pro hunting and prtty dam sexy so get packed and go do something and enjoy ur life
  2. Well here goes had gun dogs my self for years lurchers and terriers and pure greys that I would say I have been able too train too my own good points that I like in my dogs all being able too sit retrieve very well and hunt up all day long well I've started seing a new girlfriend who is taking too shooting and hunting with a passion and alrdy has dogs of her own here is the problem she had a spaniel pup when I first met her and a 4 year old spaniel that was from working home before she got him well the pup is coming on a treat even working for me is a handy thing for me but her older dog that
  3. Getting my brother out as much as I can got too have a chuckle at what he comes out with some times
  4. 2 lurchers a cocker and a Terrier just retired my lab last year reason for cocker and gifted a terrier too a friend cos it was not working well with my other dogs but 4 seem too be the right amount for the amount of time I've got for working them
  5. agree 100 % me and my girlfriend argue about this I have a saying once a junkie always a junkie never met one that has turned he's life around yet Cant say I agree with you there mate, I know a handful of them who you'd never know had anything to do with drugs in a bad way to look at them or the way they live their lives now.. Saying that, they've all moved down here and made clean breaks from their former lives and most admit if they hadn't moved they wouldn't have cleaned themselves up.. Sorry mate can't agree with you there maybe as scothunter said very few and far between but from
  6. agree 100 % me and my girlfriend argue about this I have a saying once a junkie always a junkie never met one that has turned he's life around yet
  7. No need were I stay all the scumbags are known in this area same as the junkies plus any of them were too venture up my road they would be getting chased back down it or a vist from me and friends if any thing in my house was ever gone and I know I would not be ringing the police if I cought some one in my house
  8. bye the sounds of it ur dog mite need too Learn from my other dog mate if ur not seen 40 this year would of prob invited you up if u had the perm exchange and this is the bitch 2 season had her vet cheacked yest he said her neck was abit stiff so too try her on metacam while iam running her too see if there is pain there and see is she improves
  9. Started out well in sep/oct and 40 this month but having problems with my bitch not striking still can't tell if she is just jacking or thinking too much about when too strike but my big dog is surprising me every night
  10. Got 2 atm siblings deerxgreyxsal x. Bedx whippet very good alrounders but not the smartest of animals but the bitch has not turned out as good as the dog He is the type of dog that can just surprise u every time ur out
  11. Still the same black ones round here they pop up from time too time but numbers seem good think I'll get the same as what I got last year prob round the 500 mark would get 200 more is I could get on too my neighbours farm but still can't get permission on it
  12. Out every night for an hour with the lamp then prop 2 nights a week 4/5 hours then on every other weekend out fri night and most of the weekend mooching or lamping or in the pub one or the other
  13. Well maybe not even nukes but solar flares come up on the show as well think of all the cars and farm machines and computers that run the world as we no it that are run with chips the power stations gas stations sewage phones tv anything with a computer chip so nothing would work all back too the stone age and that is some thing that u can't preapare for def on the show they talk about killing other humans in order too survive could u shot ur neighbour that was trying too steal ur food I think if something like that did happen I would not think twice in protecting some thing that was myne
  14. take cigs away and the country will be at war
  15. Do you even think that it would work like that I think this country would tear it self apart and u would end up fighting for what food u have in ur cubard Cos hardly any of the population would know how too farm or even make drinkable water
  16. wouldnt do no harm to have a few bits would it. well it has made me think about my dogs more then any thing knowing I could have meat every day with them just too think of the huge city population that would come rushing too the country side cos of food shortages I could imagine lots of fighting and killing
  17. U don't think the country would go into chaos if we ran out of oil or elec I mean how many townies u think would actually starve not even knowing how too gut rabbits even being able too grow tatties u think this country could sustain all the folk in this country if we dint have oil
  18. Good job mate just proves the more time u can put in the better the dog u have
  19. There is a programme on sky right now called doomsday preppers and is basically about Americans that think the world as we know it is coming too an end run out of oil emp nuke attacks every thing u can think off and I was wondering what u think would happen too are country if some thing like that we're too happen in this country u think u know enuf of being able too live of the land no cars no elec back too the stone age how many of use think u could survive show has def got me thinking any way
  20. Land masters are the best ones for lasting I've found seals are good and hunters are my fav but too exp and don't last as long as land masters or seals
  21. Was she working the bush at all ive found my cockers drive for bushing drops slightly when he figures out the lurchers are getting a run on the outside of a bush and tends too try and work the ground like they do took alot of time too break him of that and too work alone for at least 3 months till he stoped it just alot of focusing on him and a big learning curve had too start training him like a gun dog too work bankings and learn alot of dif jobs
  22. The garage next too the kennels with the dog food and freezers saves any hassle from the women and right next too the house so they can see all ways and tell me if any one feels like coming in the garden
  23. U Eva thought about a collie whippet or beddy whippet mate something bring down the size get a bit of better turning but still keeping a good size
  24. Still looking good mate Wats he like on turning on the rabbits u had him out on the lamp this year
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