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  1. DazAllison

    New Member To The Pack

    Aye I'll make sure he's a proper bluenose
  2. DazAllison

    What Size Will She Make???

    Was s big greyhound bitch at 27tts put to a 1st X collie grey dog at 24tts, the pup had plenty stamina for round smallish fields and hilly ground and caught many long ears but she wouldn't of had the stamina for coursing on the big land
  3. DazAllison

    What Size Will She Make???

    I'd imagine she'll make maybe 24-25tts mate, had the exact same cross few years back and she made 25tts and done everything, great cross for an all rounder
  4. DazAllison

    New Member To The Pack

    Well after the longest 9months of the mrs and my life's, I finally welcomed the new member to my pack Wednesday night weighing 7lbs 14oz named him Blake, can't wait till he's old enough to get out in the fields learning the lurcher game,
  5. DazAllison

    Lucas Inka Pups

    Top looking pup, be interesting to see how they do in the field
  6. DazAllison


    Litter sister to Asha's fawn pups, Deer x grey 2nd cross 21tts
  7. DazAllison


    Pups looking well mate, al get a couple of their sister up the morn
  8. DazAllison


    aye hes no long way them no a mark on the wabbits tay fek nose lol put a couple oh pics oh they pups oh mine up for me d cheers Aye be good to see a couple pics of how their coming oan
  9. DazAllison


    I use straw mate, used shredded paper before with the greyhounds but always found straw the best aslong as their flea'd and washed regularly then their fine
  10. DazAllison


    Any one good price on wormers?
  11. DazAllison

    Out tonight

    Any the Ayrshire lads out tonight? Looking like its going to be a good night for it, planned a venture out myself so fingers crossed
  12. DazAllison

    Gypsy blood

    The big red dog that caught the CWD looked keen
  13. DazAllison

    Gypsy blood

    Any info on the dogs that were on that gypsy blood program? Looked a few nice types!!
  14. DazAllison

    retiring age?

    Great post
  15. DazAllison

    Pup name

    Is your up in the highlands I'd go for something traditional like "Barra"