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  1. It all depends on the dog when it comes too spaniels me and some friends keep the same line of cockers and they will bush any thing out of thick stuff and surprise every one on stuff that bites back yet my girlfriend has a line of 2 springers that are both good at everything but foxes depends on how there brought on I'd say cos any spaniel will hunt anything u train them too and all can be used as gun dogs but it is handy too have a dog that will give voice while working with lurchers we used too have a little jrt that died that was far better if all ur doing is bushing too lurchers but usele
  2. U just have too look at the time of year it is it's spring things will be calving and lambing then he has all the cows or sheep too get out onto the grass make sure every machine will work cos he will be getting grass fever bye now just don't pay much attention too farmers at this time of year my boss gets close too having mental break down at this time year I just stay out of he's way and keep my head down
  3. If I had too start all over againg I'd have 2 dogs 1 dhxgreyxbullxwheaton at 27 ish and a coliexwhippetxbed stand about 22 ish round if not the same then some thing that is close too them sizes
  4. Was going too do the same [bANNED TEXT] but transform My garage into kennel blocs but my boss would not let me plus the more I thought about it what if I have too move with in a month kind of scenario id need too be able too take it all down and put it all back up so every thing can be taken down and put on 2 palets I got myne from ultra kennel not the best price quote I got but they seemed trust worthy but they were 3 weeks late but def good quality
  5. There just bolts mate I put it up in 2 hours And the panels aren't flimsy at all and u can build them too any shape u want was going too go for a wooden design but it was only turning out too be 500 cheaper it's not a cheap set up but should last for longer then my dogs lifetime
  6. Not finished yet still need too get the roof on But keeps them happy
  7. Was out ferreting a bank with pals had my dogs with us all nets set ferret in heard some banging one pal was half on the hill told him too look in the hole see if he could see any thing well rabbit bolted straight into he's face he cought it and dog was just above him well dog was making sure rabbit wasn't going any were so he jumped in and all 3 fell down the hill well pal broke he's nose but we laughed are ass off still joke about too day
  8. Dogs are looking good mate is the brindle one filling out abit or is just the way the pics look
  9. I had the same tit on my phone for 15 mins winding the c**t up I told him I spoke French so my English was not very good so I kept telling him too go f**k him self in French then i asked him if he would marry my friend that was married too some Paki and he was thieving b*****d that worked for Microsoft still had him going for 10 mins after that
  10. I'd prob give up my job my home some friends and some family members
  11. Just say u can milk and drive a tractor instant job in Nz with house included mate
  12. I can only give my experience with dogs in house training some dogs take alot longer then others is what I'll point out I had 1 lab that had too leave the garden too take a piss and my lurchers got the jist of things in 2 weeks a cocker that took a week and 2 patxlakie are now 3 month old and for no god amount of praise made a dif and water pistols I used never made a dif they are the most stubborn little gits I've ever met so now they are in kennels so I don't no if it's a patterdale thing but I'd try some odour removers and what kind of diet is it on cos I did find if on biscuits they drank
  13. One of the best ways I've found with my bitch she can be the biggest pain in the ass when it came too fences still is abit but getting better find a spot that is nice and flat and has a strong fence jump over and throw a good strong jacket over the barb dog will jump thinking it's a solid wall keep doing it in the same place then remove jacket and see how the dog gets on Well it worked for me
  14. Got 2 but deer/grey/sal x beddy/whip and they have done every thing I have asked off them
  15. I think it depends on the person my gran is walks 7 mile a day with a lab I retired early and still runs a b&b and looks after 3 of my young cousins In the school holidays ud be surprised what the old folk can get up too in a day
  16. Iam gettin 1 pound a rab guts still in frozen and un frozen I just keep a load till Iam short of cash or need space in frezzer used 2 get 150 for skin and gutted and have too be fresh non frozen in the end just easier putting them in the frezzer for me
  17. I think some folk have the wrong idea with what way some folk lamp from a 4x4 cos the dogs run along the side of the car in a sense ur not dropping the dogs off as soon as u see a bunny cos u will be getting dogs in and out of the car all night long and I can see why some folk don't like the idea off it from the tales I've read on here were folk are cutting fences and wrecking fields and smashing gates which for the life of I can not understand why u would have too cut a fence too lamp but I can see why there is a negative view but if there was any damage done while I was lamping I know I woul
  18. I do both but for simple reasons I don't think it changes how many u get more about the time u have I work alot of hours and only get every other weekend off If iam walking it can take me 6/8 hours too do all off the permission I have it can take me 3 hours in 4x4 and I've never found one too be more of a better way then the other for the amount I get cos there will only be the same amount of rabbits there it's just a time saver it all depends on what u want too do I stiil find during the week i prefer too go for a 2 hour walk just bye me self and the dogs but if I know I ain't got work in the
  19. Mate it's not as bad as mine I walk threw fields there is two paths I take one and my neighbour takes another she likes all my dogs and gives them treats all the time well there is a certain part were the path getst close and if u don't time ur self right all 5 leave me in the middle of field no matter what I try they all never bother any one but if it's my neighbour they run 2 fields too see her for there daily treats thx god there's no roads near the farm
  20. How about a ferreter chasing a rabbit across a field and a lurcher and ferret sitting talking saying why u not running lurcher says why he's girlfriend says he should last longer in bed so I thought a bit of exercise can't kill him
  21. I done one a while ago out of rope all I done was braid ur loop one end and braid another length of rope just down from ur loop and just hold both ends worked from me
  22. Mate Harris fencing sucks my mate had 1 built from it took him a whole day too set it up concrete blocks the works too hold it in place took the lab 10 mins too brake the mesh of the steel tubing and lucky he was still in the house or the dog would of been out on main road
  23. Just one of the random moments infront off the fire
  24. sandy tie Flint Ozzie snatch and jock The pack
  25. Sorry mate brother called dibs on the 14s a good little starter for a 13 year old and a pal wants the 17 amp don't know why it weighs a bloody ton and u always get a sore back from carrying it
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