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  1. Got about 50 or more hornady bullets with it aswell
  2. I'm looking 120 for the whole lot Ono
  3. I'm selling my 223 savage axis rifle comes with a Burris scope but no mod if you want pics p/m me and il send pics ASAP good rifle
  4. I'm selling a deben 15ft mk1 ferret finder with two 15ft ferret colliers aswell all in good working order and also selling a fold up spade and a camo bag and a bag full of nets make me and offer and see we're we can go if you want pics p/m me and il send pics
  5. Every think I hit with my 22lr drops dead
  6. Iv always froze the bird because the feathers hardly come out and easy to hold in there mouths to never had a problem with that
  7. Iv redone my zeroing today and let the barrel cool down and it was much better grouping thanks for all your help
  8. Ok thanks very much lads will know that for the future
  9. When zeroing a 223 does it make a different if the barrel is cold or hot
  10. Which moderator would you lot think I could get for my savage 223
  11. Which is the best rifle to look for and can you get the whole set up
  12. I'm selling my 22 Webley spectre due to getting a fac rifle now so don't use it it's a really nice gun comes with a mini swap ags scope and sound mod and a gun bag plus the air filling adaptor also comes with it only for £300
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