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  1. BRY

    New eley subs

    Used my old ones , and new ones are a few grains lighter
  2. Got some of the new 38grn eley subs , well my 10/22 will not cycle them . Anybody else tried them and having same probs ? Cheers bry
  3. BRY

    NV and Thermal Pricing

    IanB great bloke to deal with
  4. BRY

    thermal negatives?

    I have the xq50f spotter and love it , but as a scope i am waiting for them to be crisper on the Id front . Also if theres brambles bushes in front of quarry you cant seen them with the thermal , as soon as you look with nv you see the brambles etc but no quarry . Just my take on it
  5. Anyone use & reccomend a good accurate bore sighter ? From .22 - 243 or whatever . Cheers Bry
  6. Hi can anyone advise or point me in the right direction , for a small lightweight moderator for my Howa 243 ? Please I have a huge heavy think its a wildcat on it at moment , which makes it front heavy . Cheers Bry
  7. BRY

    Very early spring

    Seen snowdrops last sat while beating up near the malverns
  8. BRY

    Thanks to Blackwood Outdoors!

    I have the xq50f. Game changer mate. I love mine . Use itbfor lots things and shooting
  9. BRY

    Evo 75 IR

    Id go for the evo 50 with as pill , Evo 75 is a big lump of a torch head
  10. BRY

    Usk shoot

    is that Stilhouse shoot ?
  11. My bipod primos have stopped working. , load of shit . Got a cheapie tripod set use it alot no probs
  12. BRY

    Red laser

    I was thinking doing the same , althou. I have a thermal spotter if its wet and the cover crop is higher than say 4 inches thermal finds it hard to spot bunnies in the wet cover . so a spot lazer on where the rabbit was shot would help
  13. BRY

    Thermal Spotter

    Xq50f here
  14. BRY

    Hw 110

    If you still got it sunday i will pop up and have a look at it. Busy busy at mo
  15. BRY

    Hw 110

    where are you based im interested in this. I am in Newport .