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  1. We got our birds Monday. The first evening I didn’t see any foxes around the pens. Wednesday morning I found a half eaten poult outside our biggest pen (around 2 1/2 acres) it looked by the remains a fox was the culprit! I had an idea of where the best place to park and wait would be. Night fell and I was stood on the back of the truck for three house and saw nothing... I decided to have a drive to the top of the pen and look down the other side and see if anything was stirring. I could see through the thermal that there was a lot of birds bunched in a corner and then scanning a bit further down I could see the unmistakable glow of a fox in the thermal. Before I had time to get on it it had jumped the ditch and was heading to the birds! Watching helplessly through the thermal I had to witness it chase and catch a poult before it then came from behind the trees, jump the ditch and back into the field where I was waiting! As soon as it got 30 yards into the field to make sure I wasn’t shooting towards the pen creating even more disturbance I gave it a squeak... the sod looked at me poult on mouth at 220yards, I moved the crosshairs onto its shoulder and thump down it went! That’s the last poult that hit will take! I then drove back down to were I previously was park up and bugger me there was a fox there. I couldn’t get a shot at it so I waited an hour but it never came back! That one will be tonight’s objective!
  2. Jarvis

    It might be mad....

    I know a chap who has a shoot close to ours who does just this exact think. Sets out bait on string, he has it to his bedroom window with a bell on the end, like the sort hanging by shop doors. He has accounted for a ridiculous amount this way.
  3. Jarvis

    Four more down

    Yes I’ve herd this with urine in traps, I do the same thing in rabbit traps. (With rabbit pee obviously not fox)!!
  4. Jarvis

    Four more down

    I have a couple running most the year and they perhaps account for roughly 5 foxes a year. Not great numbers better than nothing and as you say, they are working whilst your not there!
  5. Jarvis

    Four more down

    Do you use cage traps? If so do you have much success?
  6. Jarvis

    Four more down

    If it’s on a ride and you know roughly what time (after you feed) couldn’t you set a high seat up?
  7. Jarvis

    A foxy Hat trick !

    Nice shooting mate. I had two last night, that makes 8 this week. First One was a vixen came to the caller lovely through a cover crop and at 100 yards I turned the caller off and she presented broadside and down she tumbled. Number two was a 285 yard shot. I saw it mooching in the middle of a 50 acre field but the wind was blowing straight towards him but I was still a long long way off him at this point and he was unaware of my presence. So I turned round went out of the field drove all the way around him having a belt of trees and cover crop between me and him. I popped up behind him this time with the wind in my favour. Got the rifle out the truck and rested on the bonnet and boom down he went.
  8. Jarvis

    Quick brace!

    Nice work mate! That will be one happy farmer!
  9. Jarvis

    Four more down

    Could'nt agree more!!
  10. Jarvis

    Four more down

    Nice work! They finished the wheat at ours last night as well so I had a look out. Managed to account for another. He was a bloody big dog! I’ve had 9 up there in the last two weeks so hopefully that will go some way to giving the birds some peace!
  11. Jarvis

    Four more down

    I’m not one for walking around! Not with the weight of my rifle! I park up and wait for the Charlie’s to come to me! I do bait stations during the autumn/ winter as well which work well. Plus if they are getting food there they aren’t going looking for tasty pheasants!
  12. Yer I was speaking to him earlier today coz he may be renting some ground from the chap where I live so yes he has, sone next week then some in a few weeks time. Do you want me to txt you his number?
  13. Jarvis

    Four more down

    It’s two less anyway mate! Keep at them! I’m out every night now as our birds come Monday then the real sleepless nights and worry starts!
  14. Yer I’m good cheers mate, flat out with work and the shoot as well!! The weaners are around £30-£50 each depending on age breed etc. The pork is amazing! Everyone who has had some off us loves it! The chops are three times bigger than shop brought, The sausages you get are nothing like a shop sausage, actual flavour and meat in the sausage! We will never buy pork from a shop again! and my mate who I get the pigs from is a butcher so he butchers them for me so I can see the whole process through from farrowing all the way to the table which is great! I’m getting some off him next week and he has more farrowing next week so he always has weaners available. These will be the second lot I’ve had so the first couple was a real learning curve about how much to feed, slaughter weights etc but it is great fun and they are so easy to keep and will turn over and fertilise you neighbors ground brilliantly!
  15. Hi mate, I had some saddlebacks last year, they were fantastic tasting pigs! Took longer to bring on and also put on more fat as they are a pure breed. A friend of mine has Berkshires and it's the same thing with them being a pure breed so GO'S will be the same. I don't have any experience with LW x LR pigs but in a couple of weeks I'm getting some SB x LW which should have the flavour of a pure breed but not have as much fat on them and come on a bit quicker. If your getting pigs at this time they should be at a decent slaughter weight for Christmas so this is a good time to get them! Another plus is getting them at this time of year their enclosure isn't a complete quadmire!