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    Science is great yes there prob was a big bang yes there is has been evolution but where did that first molecule or particle or atom come from, that very first piece of exsistance. Interesting thought.
  2. I think an old pro wouldn't care on percentages they don't mean anything in real terms. I'd more care what the parents grand and great grand parents had done and if that suited me there a good CHANCE with luck for the pup to do the same
  3. ive known a few not come back from it. known one guy spend over 1500 on rehabilitation and stuff and its first time off the lead ping it again. its a very tough injury for working dogs to come back from let alone pets
  4. ive been on a farmers yard when they had a visit by police as some sort of area project trying to get them to revoke any permission on there land. the police are very slimy as always really putting the pressure on. they hated in when they saw my saluki banding around the yard when they was asked to leave his property
  5. it's never just a quick scan then on your way more like 30-40mins later after the car checks driver checks dog checks and so on. All fine and Dandy as you should be legal but a ball ache when you had a long day
  6. I bet farmer just watch country file or some other form of media portraying us as all thieving c££ts add that to the police nudging the farming community it won't be long and permission will be impossible to gain in what ever form
  7. how about for people who hunt local it wont surprise me rspca and police use the data base to find people who are seen hunting at an area eg fawn dog dog with certain markings. cross check data base they will know all local dogs of that description. even if within the law it could cause loads of trouble. how many times have people been seen and not known it even on perm and something accidently pops up. or even just the ball ache of rspca knocking your door as they like to do with all working dog men. gone are the days if local just poping out to check new ground. it tightens the belt where p
  8. dogs perfect for you wales1234 for them valleys over there there is hunting on scent in populated areas of quarry yeah most good lurchers should be able to do it but to find just one thing in a 5 mile radius on an old line takes a little more then then a decent lurcher so dont blame you going down the route of adding more scenting other wise it be a boring walk around the barren lands of the valleys gotta find it before you can catch it
  9. control the situation dominate it but one thing i say you start knocking a saluki about good luck when you want it to retrieve or even recall. there really not the dog to go heavy handed with lol
  10. i wonder how many dogs show promise in there first season i bet the percentage who keep it up will be a hell of alot lower. reason breed off seasoned animals. but then it is dogs seen top dogs bred from shit and shit dogs bred from top dogs. nothing set in stone. supose who cares what any of us think you got to feed it
  11. great scenery cant beat a stroll over the welsh hills
  12. i find most the problems ARE from lazy owners. you give them what they want and work them hard enough physically then they are very biddable. mine will work lamp off slip jump gates or fences and wait to be leaded back up. in the day she will range but give her a whistle and she straight back recall is spot on. nigh on all my salls have been this way but i work them hard and give them time behind the quad. if i dont then the same animal will start looking for what they needs and then problems will start. i find out of season hardest part of looking after sals as you cant give them the same dri
  13. have you ever seen pups out of that mix if so what were they like in the filed cone paird to dam and sire???my bro bred a litter 14 month ago crossing both mixes together. litter was a mix some throwing more to the running ability others not sure what you could call it. lets say oddly built but was expected with so many breds in the mix lol but all seemed to have thrown a decent nose. still early days but there one or two in the litter showing real promise
  14. thats suprised me.id have thought most salukis would take fox with ease. with ease yeah start of the season young fox no problem,when they meet a good strong winter fox they soon throw in the towel as i seen on more than 1 occasion when there not getting there own way.had a bitch was flying her first season but never really met a good fox till her second season and she jacked and wouldnt even course them after that.new off 1 dog that was a proven dog but now dead.but like i say a proven dog is hard to find not a dog that takes 2 or 3 a season and classed as a fox dog.i think saluki bull gre
  15. know the feeling with big arable fields like behind me they seem never ending and your right that extra height for stride helps id say she make 23/25 does the line have collie in it cos the speckles ?No collie in these Paul bud that's for sure ? speckles most probly from the greyhound side just was wanted to ask if there was a drop somewhere in the line
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