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  1. Rob can you tell me if I can get a weasel stuffed and how much would you expect to pay
  2. I only had TV s iin the kids bedrooms for the last 2 years. I got a log burner and a fish tank instead. I bought a tv at Xmas an now the Missis comes round more
  3. If ya keep the door open they spit ashes that will burn ya carpet. Dangerous if ya kid wer to touch it [BANNED TEXT] it red hot. A labour of love really but do give a lot if heat. I got 12kw and no central heating.
  4. Some ferrets are keen one them others not so. Just clean any bites.
  5. I got a 2 inch on an am bull an it looks right. It wud luck daft on a lurcher
  6. Csa are a pain in the arse. I pay 25% of my earnings to my x. She lives in a 5 bed house with her fella. Neither of who work.
  7. 12 month old dog free to good home preloved Rhyl
  8. My castrated dog done at 18 months isn't interested in bitches in season. But my old dog castrated at 4 still is
  9. Good post pointer. I will pick up a couple of the books mentioned. I have a good book but reads a little bit advanced for me. It has all patterns for making own leatherwork and sections on all different types of birds of prey etc but i want some easy reading to Get my head around very basics first. Trawling the Internet mostly comes up with the answer 'get a good book' to any beginners. Once I understand basic principals of it I'm sure I will have many more questions.
  10. Ok so Martin hollinshead seems to have a few titles aimed at harris hawks. Which would be best to start in
  11. What titles? jemima parry 'training birds of prey' seems quite broad spectrum in the overview. Is there anything more specific to harris hawks.
  12. Can anybody recommend a good book for a total novice to hawks for learning the very basics regarding the keeping of a Harris hawk. I'm interested in Learning basic terminology and conditioning of a hawk.
  13. My hob is same size as Jill's. his dad was same size also, got a half brother coming back also as small as a Jill. Some if his hob kits wer massive
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