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  1. Hello Arry all good here mate thanks, hope you are well? Thanks for the link been doing some research but can’t really find anything tbh.
  2. Thanks for the reply, I don’t mind travelling a bit where abouts are they based?
  3. Hello, are there any Mink Hound packs that allow followers around South Devon area?
  4. Great thread gents, love reading about these old time proper Lurchers and owners living the dream.
  5. Hour out this morning, caught by the young dog mugged and retrieved by the old one.
  6. Never seen one myself but a lad I used to shoot with reckons he saw one.
  7. Wasn’t so good yesterday when she came back full of those sticky burs. Took ages to get them off her. Wish I’d took a picture, never seen anything like it.
  8. Been getting out early mornings. Still dark to start with so just mooching about with Head torch on. Had a bit of success few weeks ago until temperature dropped and mornings are still and bright. However good to get out and about even if it was a blank.
  9. To Bright and no wind this morning but still nice to be out and about first thing.
  10. I don’t use a slip and prefer the dogs to hunt. The older one will stand and stare into the bush if there’s something in there whilst the younger one seems to think it’s a good idea to run round the bush until the quarry panics or I wade through the bush and flush it. ( I don’t have a bushing type dog ) I have no idea why she has started doing it and it’s frankly annoying. However she has had some success so I guess she will keep it up. Maybe I should resort to a slip or just get over it and let her do her thing.
  11. Seen quite a few as normal this time of year? Whether they are still about later on in the year who knows.
  12. So true that, problem I have now is the old dog has started to mug the younger dog of her catch. He still has a great nose but I’m going to have to leave him at home now.
  13. Hunting up and catching rabbits is tough. Many people seem to have a 3/3 Hare dog but I’ve never heard of 3/3 rabbit dog ?
  14. Yes, I was talking when it was legal. Both very difficult in different ways.
  15. Seems a daytime Hare dog quite rightly is held in high esteem what about a daytime rabbit dog. One that hunts up and catches rabbits on its own?
  16. There’s some pigs out and about on South West part of Dartmoor apparently.
  17. Always a difficult decision, however some good memories and a dog that lived life to the full by the sounds of it. R.I.P
  18. Blazer lights are awesome, it’s all about the fieldcraft for me?
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