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  1. Home « LOGUN S-16 WWW.LOGUNS16.CO.UK Helping owners maintain, service, disassemble and modify their Logun S-16 compressed air rifle – S-16s, S-16Evo and S-16Xs. Tips, forum, guides, O ring... don,t know if it's good or not but all information has to help .
  2. I filed a little out of my catch to make mine close smoothly oil and grease helped but the real problem was the leaver and the catch clashed a bit to much .
  3. if you are shooting average weight 22 s of very heavy 177 s it sounds about right . if you feel you have a problem you will need a chrono . if the gun is shooting accurately out to 45 it is sounds ok .
  4. you wont believe went out for a cycle after reading this and found a road side leather sofa . cut some leather out quick may go back tomorrow if its still and get more . in the dark I was not sure if it was leather but looking at home in better light it is .
  5. if you have never made bands before , I would go for tubes first . You may be fine making flat bands first but you will get failures untill you get it right . You will get failures with tubes but less they are more forgiving ,
  6. some weight written out and about for bisley mags are wrong they state a too higher value . also a tighter pellet in the barrel will give different reading its not just weight .
  7. I made some much better bands for my barnett using rolyan green tube and a 80mm x 20mm homemade pouch .
  8. making your own is the only way to go . Rolyan orange or green bands with a constrictor not to tie on the pouch is a start or a roller cutter and a cutting mat you will also need to make some kind of jig to tie the bands to gether if you want to try flat bands . tubes are easyer to mess with just need tube and some sort of cord dont tie them to tight .
  9. IF you can get a scope on that gun it may shoot a little high
  10. you may want to try different pellets before you go for a tune .JSB use soft lead I believe in their pellets I believe , also a heavyer soft lead pellet will give you more power from a PCP air gun . one extra ft lbs of power can be obtained with different pellets easy .also if your gun is unregulated not sure if it is or not , but if it is unregulated you will also get a power curve .
  11. I am still using TBG for 9.5 mm steel , chrono are a very usefull thing once you have got one you think how did I manage with out one before .
  12. i have usde the tubes also , orange and green seemed ok . I would risk trying there bands if cheap or eazy to get , but TBgold has a proven track record and some of the chinese stuff is also good (unless you have the cronofear) , but also if you as the man says in the clint eastwood film ...iz gosta know .. get some and find out . )
  13. you will have to learn to make your own . tube or flat its the only way
  14. I have messed with tapered bands did not get on with them haven't bothered to go back and try more . dont think its that big a deal straight or tapered . straight bands like tubes last a bit longer . today there is so many ways to go when I was younger the choice was square rubber 3/16 or 1/4 inch , rubber bands or old push bike inner tube . You will just have to try different things
  15. your bands have to match your ammo . If I use straight double 15 mm wide theraband gold I shoot 9.5 mm bb say . the band may be a little heavy but its ok . low speed of ammo or bands that are to heavy will effect accuracy .
  16. I am right eye dominant and hold the frame in my right hand . What I do is I aim with my left eye by closing my right while shooting .when shooting a gun I use my right eye .
  17. I am right eye dominant and hold the frame in my right hand . What I do is I aim with my left eye by closing my right while shooting .when shooting a gun I use my right eye .
  18. I got one last year an old one used but in good conition , when I got it there was a full length square section spring in it say no more . I have since made a tight spring guide out of brass for an old colapsed hw 35 round wire spring . what I like about the hw hw80 is I have made a few power washers to get the guns power just right , it is so eazy job to do there is no preload so to take the gun apart and add or remove a wash is very easy , also I have another old hw35 spring and with not washers at all it still takes the gun over 12 ft lbs just . So god know what new spring you should put in
  19. It will take a bit of time working how tight to tie on the pouch . never used tying ribbon but it must have the same problems as other stuff dont tie it to tight your bands will wear out quickly .
  20. http://slingshotchannel.com/band_calc.html this may help . a cheap catapult may be a problem because of strength or lack of . if you have a ballistic chronograph that will help . as a rough guide if your bands are hurting your hand after you have shot when slapping back , your bands are to strong or your ammo is to light weight .
  21. NO GOOD for hunting when cold , the first gun you showed at the start of this thread , is better than 99% of most co2 guns .
  22. they look to be a basic (fx 2000 I think it has some other names ) a good gun if its working as it should . I have read they can leak but look eazy to strip and replace o rings all pcps leak a some piont when the o rings fail over time , but all air guns have seals deteriorating over time .
  23. I would say your gun is fine , or it can be made to shoot fine . trying to get that gun to shoot well will help you understand whats going on . You could pay money for a gun that is supposed to be good but it could have problems , I have had problems with lots of guns , guns are often not shooting properly when first aquired , I have had some guns that are perfect and still are one is a 97k the other is a tx 200 but their seals may go soon the guns are getting older . super dome pellets are often good or ok in most guns I have had , as stated pionted pellets are no to good but ok at close ran
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