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    Any forks

    make your own out of ply wood .
  2. barrywhite

    Looking for advice.

    cheap gun . I would guess it has the same trigger as the webly omega , a little complicated the trigger has to be taken to bits before you can get the spring out and look at the piston ect there is also a little trick to get the spring out . If the gun just makes a noise but shoots ok just shoot it . or have a bit of fun learning how a spring gun works . I would think taking it to a shop may not be cost effective .
  3. barrywhite

    Gas ram bsa lightening 177

    100% dont bother with the gas ram been there done it . If your gun is shooting ok at full power just learn to shoot it . they are a nightmare to shoot but with practice you can shoot them accurately . My spring broke so I fitted a gas ram , you have to file something down a bit cannot remember what , I was told the gas rams fail in 6 mounth by a big air gun shop in london , in 6 mounths the ram failed in my bsa. while working the ram shot very well 11.8 on the dot , it started losing power as it started to leak . the leak was visible with oil coming out . I read someone eles this problem .So I have since tuned and fitted a spring 100% better than the gas ram( good spring tight spring guide , dumped the plastic thing in the piston and top hat thats what I did ) .If gas rams were any good there would be loads of them out there . DONT BOTHER WITH THE GAS RAM waste of time .... Or as the bloke it the clint eastwood movie says ... Izz got sta know .
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    Which is best? HW97 or TX200HC

    tx looks to be made better I have tx200 mark2 but I like to shoot the 97k . I like the smooth stock and the long reach to the trigger on the 97k . I like the way you can decock tx200 as standard and still have the safety system . they are both nice in their own way
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    Catapult issue

  6. barrywhite

    Catapult issue

    As I undstand it , in the free land of the UK it is illegal to prepare to defend your self in your own home . If someone attacks you and you have a small piece of wood in your hand at the time by luck , you may be able to say I was tempted at the time to defend my self with this piece of wood I had in my hand , but if you have a bat or sword or such(catapult) by the front door or by your bed to defend your self against an intruder , your in trouble . You must always think about the heath and safety of the intruder FIRST while ... he ...she.... it..they ...are going about his business .
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    Temperature and bands

    I dont know if it will be hard on the bands . It will slow every thing down .I hold my bands in my hand to keep them warm if I go walking about looking for something to shoot .
  8. barrywhite

    Melting pot

    you part timer
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    with a sling shot you are goverened by the speed of the elastic 200 to 250 ft per sec in the real world . so if you have weak bands you will only shoot 9 mm bbs at about 3 ft lbs if you shoot full butterfly you will get more power and speed , but with speed your bands will wear out quicker .If you have powerfull bands you will still shoot 9 mm bb at 3 ft lbs 200 . 250 ft per sec , but you will be able to shoot heavy ammo still at 200 250 ft per sec giving you more power . hope this makes sence .
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    airgun forum?

    I gave up years ago never reregistered
  11. barrywhite

    Mould for making ammo

    i have got the fishing weight mould 12mm .its ok but the ammo is not 100% round you have to tumble in a tin can to smooth them out a bit . I would think about a round bullet mould to get perfect round ammo .when i shoot 10mm and 12mm lead it is not as accurate as steel bbs . my lead shot is not perfectly round . I do not have a bullet mould but I do think about it from time to time . I shoot steel bbs
  12. barrywhite

    Camaro fenix 400s .22

    my friend had one some years back . cheap , powerfull ,accurate
  13. barrywhite

    thinking of letting the photon go

    i think you need something to spot things in the dark . like a NV monocular .
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    it looks like someone has just destroyed a classic gun
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    looking at the guns design I would think there is plenty of hammer spring to open the valve . I hope this is not drifting into powering up your air gun .
  16. barrywhite

    Elastic slap

    as above you bands are to powerful or your ammo is to light
  17. barrywhite

    Webley Eclipse

    you will have to get a rubbish tx200 hw97 or a hw77 now , have you thought about if you want your new gun in silver or black .
  18. barrywhite

    Webley Eclipse

    I have a webley omega I think it has the same trigger as the eclipse . my trigger has been a bit of a problem I did solve the problem by beating one trigger componante a little but a bit of dieseling one day brought back the trgger problem . I think the piston slammed back into the trigger mechanism smoothing the bumps I made with a hammer . To solve the problem for now I noticed the piston was a very loose fit and not fully engaging the trigger mechanism when cocking the gun so by buttoning the piston I have tightened the piston in the cylinder all is fine for now . I feel this trigger is a little weak but the gun does shoot fine I have also shot an eclipse that shot fine , but dont diesel the gun and ask about the trigger . If you take the trigger out look at every thing closely it is a little tricky to replace .
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    almost I would say ..the same position ... was correct but your eye should be looking down the center of the scope every time .
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    you click on the pictures they then give a full explination , with a demo , you can mess with
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    the page you are looking at is interactive . so its like you are shooting and sighting a gun
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    every thing you wont is in this link . you have to go down the page a bit http://www.arld1.com/
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