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  1. if you have space a old fridge for dog meat in summer is the answer, especially if you have taken more meat out than they can eat in a night
  2. had the same problem with the brass trigger, only use it with the same collar so thinking of glueing it shut
  3. D link super glued closed between chain and couples. No chance of anything getting lose
  4. Yes all on universal frequency set for Europe and North America, any avalche receiver box will pick up a bellman collar
  5. have a look on ebay.com lots for sale in America, even with postage will be cheaper than bellman and flint, I bought a pieps dsp sport box brand new from ebay skiing company shop from America with postage for $200 plus postage for $30. which works out at around £140 & £20. b&f asking for £285 money saved there will pretty much pay for a new collar. Ive had the old pieps box and the red box and I preferred the old box so I though ide give this newer version a try
  6. Thanks! What's the closest reading on them in meters?
  7. You boys still using this? is it worth getting one or do I stick to B&F?
  8. Go for fishing gear its the best for keeping you dry 'greys grxi' 'wychwood' you can beat it, the material you want in a coat or trousers is extremis 5000. I can hose myself down after a day hunting and not a drop gets through.
  9. Out of interest how does the quad tool box get secured to the rack?
  10. My dogs get fed pleanty of raw pork, mostly loin cut offs, ribs racks, ears and heads no problems. 1/2 head or a full one will keep a good size lurcher quiet for a long time, i had one that would eat the lot, but he coulnt do feck all with the pig jaw bone!
  11. With the vet bed if they drag it out you could get some metal wall plate straps and cut lengths to go around the vet bed and screw it to their beds
  12. vet bed is the best i have tried, easy washed, quite hard material even if you have a constant chewer. the only thing that i didnt like about shavings was that the dogs would take their meat back into thier beds and the meat would get caked in it, didnt like it and cant be good form them eating it. ok if you one or two and feed them outside their runs but it did not work. also drains a right bas%$£d for blocking them!
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